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Trinity Seven

In this "romantic comedy but sometimes serious magical school story," life as Arata Kasuga knows it is wiped out by a bizarre incident known as "Collapse Phenomenon," which causes worldwide destruction and takes his cousin Hijiri Kasuga to the next world. To resolve the "Collapse Phenomenon" and bring back Hijiri, Arata enrolls in the Royal Biblia Academy. Waiting in the school are seven beautiful female magic users—the Trinity Seven.

....well, I watched some anime again. This is once again this kind of anime which I normally don't watch (and it's starts feel like that I actually have watched harem and ecchi animes pretty much lately... ugh, what have I done). Anyway, I think that the opening and those pictures pretty much explain this anime. The opening seems quite a cool and dark one, but in reality this anime is full of boobs and ecchi scenes. Well there is a little serious scenes but not so much and they are soon over right after they even started. And this anime fits in so many genres like: action, comedy, ecchi, fantasy, magic, romance, school, shounen, harem and supernatural.... but it's okay, it was quite fun to watch (but too much ecchi for me though). 

The end of this anime leaves open, but there is one OVA and of course manga, which is still publishing so you can read it, if you want to know more. I really don't know if there is going to come second season of this.. But if it comes I probably watch it even though I wasn't so big fan of this, but I'm kind a curious how this is going to continue. But I wont be disappointed either if there isn't coming season 2, I can manage without that ^^'

That was probably all for now! I have one more anime left and one game which I want to writer about before Tracon! So I probably write them today or tomorrow~

Have a nice day~

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