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Level E

In the present day, hundreds of extraterrestrial species walk the Earth. Some are pacifistic, others violent. Some are here for research purposes, others are career criminals. However, humans don't know they are here. Now, one more alien has arrived on Earth. One of the universe's foremost geniuses with a personality that's bound to attract all sorts of trouble.

When you read the synopsis and notice that genres are Comedy, Sci-fi and Shounen, you probably think that this might be good and so did I. The opening is cool and the first episode give me so much hope for good anime, but then something really bad happen. I though this would be cool sci-fi anime with little bit of comedy. But no! 

First I thought that Yukitaka Tsutsui (if it was him) and Baka Ki El Dogra would be the two main characters and the one girl too who shows up in couple first episodes.. but no, Baka was the only main character and really annoying one! I was maybe hoping too much from this and that's why I'm really disappointed! But anyway, after when they notices that Baka (some spoiler might be coming next) have planned all and he is just really annoying dude the whole anime goes down. There come up some little stories and then comes those color rangers... or something... 

This anime come up in 2011 and I didn't watch this then. I don't even know if I knew this anime back then. So this was something that I haven't heard about before (or I just don't remember). Anyway, for me this was huge disappointment but some others have liked this. I didn't like the humor of this much either so that's why this wasn't so good in my opinion in the comedy way either. 

I still don't want to say that this is bad or anything, but I just didn't like this much. The idea of this was kind a cool and there where some interesting alien species too. But there wasn't any characters which I liked and the humor didn't hit I can't really recommend this for anyone even though some people have liked this, but I can't say that someone who like comedy anime would like this or someone who like sci-fi would like this... soooo no recommends from me ^^''

That's all, I might write more today or tomorrow so see you guys soon~

Level E's opening song
Chiaki Kuriyama - Cold finger girl

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