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Ore Monogatari!!

Gouda Takeo is a freshman in high school. Weight: 120kg, Height: 2 meters. He spends his days peacefully with his super-popular-with-girls, yet insensitive childhood friend, Sunakawa. One morning, on the train to school, Takeo saves a girl, Yamato, from being molested by a pervert. Could this be the beginning of spring for Takeo?

Awww~  Ore Monogatari is definitely one of my favorites in this years summer animes! 

I really like the story, it's not quite ordinary shoujo anime and that's just great. Even though it have almost all the same things from ordinary shoujo, still the characters make this anime really individual and unforgettable! The story is quite predictable, but still some small and funny scenes make this really interesting and fun to watch~ 

I really like the art and animation! It's quite pretty but really expressive and cute too. Well, it look like a typical shoujo artwork but the comedy moments are very well done, especially Takeo's ridiculous expressions. In its entirety, the characters design, good animation and great color choices make this really cute and kind a beautiful anime, even though it's quite simple looking sometimes, but that fits really well specially for the comedy parts! I'm really happy that the animation quality is great from the start to the end~

Takeo is probably the funniest character I've ever seen in a shoujo anime or manga. His appearance and personality is just great and I'm really happy that he is the actual main character than just some awesome support character/sidekick! Yamato in other hand is quite typical cute and innocent feeling girl character in shoujo genre, but she is just so cute and perfect for Takeo! And then there is Suna, he is typical cold/cool handsome guy at first glance who secretly has a heart of gold! I really love this character, specially when he is with Takeo! They are just so awesome pair together and made me laugh so many times while watching this anime~~
Those characters are just the best! >:3

Overall this is really awesome and cute anime which everyone should watch even if they don't like much shoujo animes, but this is just so funny and super good!

That's all, so see ya~

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