perjantai 26. kesäkuuta 2015

Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is an interactive text-based visual novel that follows a branching plot line, with the player's decisions determining which of the game's multiple endings they receive. The title is a pun on the wasei-eigo word hātofuru (ハートフル, "heartful", also "hurtful"), and the Japanese word hato (鳩, "pigeon", "dove"), as the game features pigeons and other birds as major characters. The game is set in a version of Earth populated by sapient birds, and its main story follows the player character and protagonist—the only human attending St. PigeoNation's Institute, an elite school for birds—as she finds love among her avian acquaintances. Bad Boys Love, a hidden alternate story mode, opens with the discovery of the protagonist's corpse, after which the player follows her best friend Ryouta Kawara as he investigates the circumstances of her death and unravels darker conspiracies surrounding the school.

I never actually thought of playing this game. It was quite a hilarious when I heard about this couple years ago. This is actually released in 2011 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. It was developed by manga artist Moa Hato's dōjin circle PigeoNation Inc., and is the successor of a Flash game of the same name she created for April Fools' Day in 2011. But now I bought this in Steam (from summer sales again). It was really cheap so I thought, why not? And now I have played all the the routes and seen all the 15 endings. 

This isn't so long game so you play it pretty fast, but when you play all the endings... that took a little more time. Specially when you play BBL ending, it was really long (when you compare it to other endings). 

I played first Ryouta's route. Actually it's one of my favorites of them all, even thought it is quite a sad one. But not as sad as Nageki's! I liked that route too though. I really would like to tell more about those routes but maybe I don't do that (I probably would spoil something..). Maybe I just say that if you don't want to play all of them you should really play Nageki, Ryouta and Shuu. I think those are the top three routes. Nageki's and Ryouta's ending are quite sad ones and then Shuu is really creepy one (but definitely absolutely different than the rest of them). 

Of course other routes are good too! The stories are so different and you really don't know beforehand what is going to happen. 

Even though this is really weird game and dating with pigeons sounds reaaaaally weird, the story is interesting and this isn't expensive, so try and you maybe going to know what I mean ^^'

Have a nice day guys!
(and I have to put this cute Ryouta dakimakura in the end, so weird too :'D). 

maanantai 22. kesäkuuta 2015

Owari no Seraph

One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13. At the same time, vampires emerged from the world's dark recesses and enslaved mankind. Enter Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young boy, who along with the rest of the children from his orphanage, are treated as livestock by the vampires. Even in captivity, Yuuichirou dreams big. He dreams of killing vampires. He dreams of killing them all.

Once again one anime watched and this time it is Owari no Seraph. I really like this one even though I wrote in twitter something like this: "This anime cause me heart error".
This is really dark one as you can guess, of course it might have some scenes that make you smile (this doesn't include comedy though). I haven't seen really good vampire animes so I was quite excited about this one. I really like almost all the characters and the dark miserable story is good one and those demon weapons are pretty cool. This anime make some surprising turns when you thought something might happen and then it's something a little different or right opposite one. I really don't know how this is going to end, but I hope it's going to be happy one, but if it's not happy then it's have to make me cry (because if it's not happy or it's not so sad that I'm going to cry my eyes out, it's probably is going to make me disappointed). I have quite a big hopes for this one ^^''

Overall I really liked this first season! And second season will start in October! So we don't have to wait really long (pretty long, but luckily it's come in this year TuT). And I really like those outfits, they make me want to make cosplay, but there is quite a lot of good characters so I cant decide.

But see you guys again!

perjantai 19. kesäkuuta 2015

Tokyo School Life

"Tokyo School Life" is a Visual Novel game on Steam. This is the story of your trip as an exchange student in Tokyo and the three girls you meet there. Although you don't make the greatest first impression, you quickly settle into the kind of everyday life you've seen in anime and manga -- filled with laughs and tears. By the time you have to head home two months from now, you might find that you've fallen for one of your new friends...

This is another game, which I bought from summer sales. I really wanted to try one of this kind of game and this seemed best in Steam. I really like how it's made, eye blinks and overall characters movements looks good. The story isn't so interesting but it's probably hard to find this kind of game with interesting story because the main thing is that you can date the girl and etc. The characters are fine, but they could be better or rather they would be more interesting, now they are kind a predictable. There are only 3 routes and every route have only one ending (it would be nice if there is more different ones though). And of course the bad ending is when you didn't get any of them to like you more than just a friend. 

First I played Aoi's route!
I can't decide witch route was best, but I kind a liked this one because it wasn't so predictable like Sakura's and Karin's. It's kind a funny that I liked this more than Karin's because Aoi is probably my least favorite character of these 3. The part when we went to Osaka was maybe the best part. It was probably most interesting part in whole game actually. I'm not going to tell about it if someone want's to play and don't want any spoilers before that. 

Second one was Karin's route!
I like this character and I can't decide which is better, Karin or Sakura.. Oh well! I actually first thought that I'm not going to like this route because I thought it would be all about her big boobs, but luckily it wasn't! The start of the game just let me think that way, because that very cliche falling scene. Anyway actually Karin was quite cute character and she is the tsundere one. Probably my favorite scene is that when I discover that she like sweet lolita style. I really hoped that I would see her in other lolita outfits than just that one, but she use only that dress (even in the ending of that route when I see her like half year later or something). 

And last one was Sakura's route!
She is really cute one and when I started I thought that she is probably going to be my favorite. And now I don't know I like her and Karin. First I really didn't know how this route would go but later on it was kind a predictable like Karin's too. I kind a liked this route I can't decide which would be better this or Aoi's. Aoi's and Kaori's routes was more fun and carefree but this was more serious type of these three. I was a little bit worried how the ending would go but of course it would be good one because there is only one ending and they can't make it sad. 

Overall this was pretty cute one and it was nice to play!

See ya guys~

torstai 18. kesäkuuta 2015

Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa)

The player-character plays as the Iñupiaq girl Nuna and her Arctic fox. As an "atmospheric puzzle platformer", Never Alone‍‍ '​‍s puzzles entail swapping control between Nuna and the fox. While the fox is fast, Nuna can pick up things and open new areas using her bola. Its story is based around Alaskan indigenous folklore and restoring balance in "eternal blizzard" by visiting its source. Stories include that of Blizzard Man, the Little People, Manslayer, the Rolling Heads, and the Sky People. It is split into eight chapters. The game is based on the intergenerational transference of wisdom. It takes place in a harsh physical environment.

I finally loaded Steam on my computer and there is going on the summer sales so I found couple of games from there (I actually bought more than I should.. ahahahaha) But anyway, I bought this and it was really cheap and cute looking so why not? I tested it and before I noticed I had played it through. It was little difficult now and then when you have to control both characters (you actually can play it with friend on co-op mode, then it might be lot easier). I really liked this one, even though it was really short game. I would play it more and actually I will, because I didn't find all the owls or something.

Well I think that's all for now, I really recommend this game~

But anyway! See ya guys!

keskiviikko 17. kesäkuuta 2015

Ghost in the Shell: Arise - Alternative Architecture

TV series for Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

The anime's story is set in 2027, one year after the end of the fourth non-nuclear war. New Port City is still reeling from the war's aftermath when it suffers a bombing caused by a self-propelled mine. Then, a military member implicated in arms-dealing bribes is gunned down. 

During the investigation, Public Security Section's Daisuke Aramaki encounters Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg wizard-level hacker assigned to the military's 501st Secret Unit. Batou, a man with the "eye that does not sleep," suspects that Kusanagi is the one behind the bombing. The Niihama Prefectural Police detective Togusa is pursuing his own dual cases of the shooting death and a prostitute's murder. Motoko herself is being watched by the 501st Secret Unit's head Kurutsu and cyborg agents.

More Ghost in the shell! Yay, but not so yay...I was super excited about this anime because I really love Ghost in the shell. I watched all those 4 Arise movies and then I heard that this will be based on them or something. But then when I started watching this I noticed that it's exactly same as the movies. So all those 10 episodes are just same as the 4 movies... That was really big disappointment for me. I really like this of course, but there was nothing new for me. But in the end nothing can beat Ghost in the shell S.A.C and 2nd GIG~ And I'm still little sad about that there isn't Tachikoma in this anime anymore... there is red and a little different shaped one, but it's not Tachikoma it's called Logicoma.. Tachikoma is so cute! Why did they do that! 

But happily there will come sequel movie in this year! If I'm right it come in June 20. so it will be aired soon! Actually in this same week! I really hope that's going to be good one!

But anyway! I think that's all for now!
See ya guys!

tiistai 16. kesäkuuta 2015


Gankutsuou is an anime loosely based on the novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. It tells the story of Albert Morcerf, a young aristocrat who happens to befriend a wealthy nobleman, The Count of Monte Cristo, through a series of bizarre events. Fascinated by the Count's charm, Albert invites him to meet his friends and family, all of whom happen to be part of the upper class society of Paris, France. Unfortunately, little does Albert realize that the Count has ulterior motives in mind.

I haven't heard about this much and I really don't remember where I heard that this is good one and I should be seen this. But anyway! I watched this and right away this style reminds me about anime series named Mononoke (I really liked that anime). So I was quite excited about this one, because of the Mononoke. But now that I have seen this, the style was sometimes too different. There was too much of those colorful patterns even though Mononoke had those too, but I have feeling that there was less of those or they was more composed in Mononoke... Anyway! I did like this, even though its not really good in my opinion, it's just good/watchable. It was pretty interesting and there was some good characters, but something is still missing though. It wasn't so long, but maybe it should be little shorter that the story would stay interesting (some of the episodes wasn't so interesting, so let's cut those off). The start was pretty slow, so maybe that's the thing! Well after they come back from the moon, then it goes little slow before the end when there happening lot of things.

But overall it's pretty good and different style is nice too actually
(most of the time). And there is only 24 episodes~

I think that's all for now!
Have a nice day everyone~

maanantai 15. kesäkuuta 2015

Strike Witches

The year is 1944 and the world lives in fear of unidentified flying objects called Neuroi. With the old-boy old guard unable to thwart this deadly menace, humanity turns its desperate eyes to an aerial attack force with much nicer legs. Meet the girls of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, better known as the Strike Witches. These darlings of the great blue yonder may not have standard issue uniforms, but they do have all the right stuff. Where the average flyboy falters, these dolls blast aliens to bits in the bat of an eyelash. With a little magic and a whole lot of leg, the girls of the 501st are winning the war on pants, and aliens!

I have been planing to watch this quite a long time already (this anime aired in 2008) and now I did it! I actually knew what kind of anime this will be but I wanted to see this anyway (mostly because this was quite a popular one when this come up). I really liked those Striker Units (leg things) they are kind a cool. The battle scenes was quite interesting to watch mostly because they looked quite amazing when there was lot of details! There was pretty much battle scenes but I had feeling that there was even more not so important scenes (like the pantie stealing one and more than one bath scene...). This anime includes lot of panties and boobs (actually too much panties and boobs for me...).Without that much fan service this would be better.

And I must say that it was quite a fun when I noticed that one Finnish character! Her name is Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen! I had to seek more information of her and I had quite a lot of fun when I noticed that there was more of them with quite funny names (not in the anime though). In the anime Finland is called Suomus and that quite fun too (actually is Suomi in Finnish).

But anyway! I think that's all for now and I probably write again tomorrow if I have time~

sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2015

Hellocon 2015

I finally can write about Hellocon! 
Let me explain a little, my laptop died a little while ago and I didn't know if all my photos and things would be gone with it. Happily J-pon saved all my photos and drawing etc. but unfortunately my laptop didn't make it, so now I borrow my moms laptop and I can finally write here again!

 photo image_zps5q2uew56.jpg

Hellocon was last month so I will write best as I can (I probably going to forget to write something but I'll do my best!). I and my sis left to Helsinki day before Hellocon that we could go to the secondhand shops and Fantasiapelit. Unfortunately we didn't find anything, expect one awesome shop! I don't remember it's name anymore, but it was full of cool stuff! (and pretty expensive too though...).

 photo image_zpsoidiftdu.jpg

Always when I get the chance to go in Helsinki I must go to Fantasiapelit, And of course I cant leave there empty handed, so I bought couple comic books~ ahahaha~
Oh, and Lon come back to Finland that day too! So me and my sis found her and we spend a little time with her~

 photo DSC_0011m_zpshgaxwzij.jpg

And next day was the Hellocon day! I really like Lolita fashion, but I don't wear it much myself (it doesn't look so good on me ^^'). But I took some photos there, so I'm going to put them here, so enjoy!

 photo IMG_4966_zpssc4z96gf.jpg

 photo IMG_4967_zpsmprevtzo.jpg

 photo IMG_4975_zpspybztunv.jpg

 photo d6a17f76-d706-4208-bd85-f8dcb9fbfc2f_zpsajbuzc8d.jpg

There was so much cute jewelers and dresses~ I would bought them all if I could wear them and if they wouldn't be so expensive ^^''. And then some photos from the fashion shows!

 photo IMG_5022_zpsgmiz99oe.jpg

 photo IMG_5071_zpss0i8inek.jpg

 photo IMG_5119_zps2ko98ipa.jpg

 photo IMG_5154_zps4skbodzp.jpg

 photo IMG_5209_zpsca6dwpyy.jpg

 photo IMG_5225_zpssc0dmajm.jpg

 photo IMG_5248_zps3nq9sj8d.jpg

 photo IMG_5273_zpswzlofkwc.jpg

 photo IMG_5272_zpskwzcb3gn.jpg

That was all of them
(well I do have more photos, but maybe I don't put every one of them here ^^').

 photo image_zpsbffpebal.jpg

 photo image_zps7xmdqbxs.jpg

 photo image_zpsohfln2tf.jpg


I think that was it and next time I probably write something about anime (because I finished watching couple of them).

See ya~