keskiviikko 19. helmikuuta 2014

Hellocon 2014

Finally I'm going to write something about Hellocon! I'm going to put lot of photos, but I'm not going to write so much mostly because I'm too lazy (and you all know it). 
Anyway! Here we go~

 photo image_zps7da1b475.jpg

Lon and I went to the Helsinki day before Hellocon, so I didn't put anything special on. Except my cute wig~ But I cut the bangs that morning so I leaved it on my head. I really like that dress what I'm wearing in that photo. It's very cute and it's kind of sad that this pic is so dark (and that dress was only couple euros).

 photo image_zps2a2a7191.jpg

 photo image_zps84b30700.jpg

I don't even know why I put those photos in here, even though they looks kind of ordinary. Well in that Friday we didn't do much. Oh! wait, I bought my Hellocon ticket in Helsinki that day (little late?...nope) and we where looking some white tights for me and there was only really expensive ones so I bought brown ones and thought that I just put them and my white stockings. We had fun and we didn't sleep much (well I slept a little longer than Lon).

 photo image_zps7253c466.jpg

The outfit what I was wearing at Hellocon, I really shouldn't put skirt with white shirt (make me look bigger) but I really liked those clothes so what ever! That skirt is so cute~ and I haven't wear that even once! I don't really know why though.... And of course I have red jacket when we where out (it's actually Haja's jacket but I borrowed it).

 photo image_zpse9db9191.jpg

And yes! Those are best shoes for winter! ^^'
But we made it in the Hellocon! And now I'm going to put lot of photos so enjoy:

 photo IMG_2537pieni_zps4b70e98b.jpg

 photo IMG_2563pieni_zps1863089e.jpg

 photo IMG_2590pieni_zps65c72c3c.jpg

 photo IMG_2572pieni_zpsb2c12c27.jpg

 photo IMG_2613pieno_zpsfeebd262.jpg

 photo IMG_2652pieni_zps3f474da2.jpg

 photo IMG_2672pieni_zps28361247.jpg

 photo IMG_2682pieni_zpsb6037c93.jpg

 photo IMG_2702pieni_zps0e92792e.jpg

 photo IMG_2719pieni_zps83493920.jpg

 photo IMG_2754pieni_zpsee64834e.jpg

 photo IMG_2769pieni_zps29c63117.jpg

 photo IMG_2785pieni_zps8094e01e.jpg

There was lot of beautiful outfits but I only take photos of the models. And of course those aren't my all photos, but there was so much that I have to pick up only those.
I have quite fun there even Lon leave me alone a little while. And that was because she was one of those models, but it's okay. I take photos most of the time anyway ^^'

 photo IMG_2818pieni_zpsaf7e1ef0.jpg

Of course I spend too much money over there and bought one super cute dress and one really beautiful skirt~ I even wanted change my outfit after hellocon and I put the new skirt on. And my other wig because it was crying that I didn't use it at all :b

 photo image_zps5dcefbe4.jpg

 photo image_zpsf8a8311d.jpg

 photo image_zps9f06122f.jpg

Aaaaaaaand that's all I think! Hope you like it even it come little (or should I say really) late. 
I said this last time too, but I really try write here more often! Even if I'm lazy or sometimes my computer just is so slow that I can't. 

See ya next time!

tiistai 11. helmikuuta 2014

Happy Birthday J-pon~

I have been really lazy here and I'm really sorry about that. And I'm going to write about J-pon's birthday now and it happened almost 3 weeks ago... if I'm not wrong, so yea, I have been reeeeeaaally lazy. And somebody know that there was Hellocon too, but I'm going to leave it next time.

Anyway! Me, Lon and Haja decided to choose a dress code and we thought that lolita would be nice. There was some other interesting ideas, but maybe I don't write about them ^^''

 photo image_zps1f2e7fd0.jpg

I wanted to put that cute popcorn dress (Haja made it~) mostly because I didn't want to be sweet lolita again ^^'. Oh, and I'm not going to put here the photos we take with Haja's camera so if someone wants see more photos go to Haja's blog~ I'm going to put photos what I took with my phone because I'm little lazy... and yea...

So! J-pon didn't know about the dress code so it was surprise for her. We dressed her up at Haja's place and she was really pretty~ (at Haja's blog there are couple photos of her). We take some photos as I write about it already. And then we decide to go Maruseki and eat lot of good food~

 photo image_zpsb6f9459d.jpg

 photo image_zps1a9ed395.jpg

 photo image_zps32e990ff.jpg

 photo image_zpsb936effc.jpg

 photo image_zpsf20d88d4.jpg

That last one wasn't actually from Maruseki, but oh well. After that all, we decided to go back at Haja's place and play some Guitar Hero until our buss will come. The day was really fun and food was grate! And I really wanted to write more about this and all but well it happened 3 weeks ago so maybe this is enough? And maybe I try to write here often! And that's all for now I think.... yea, here is special photo in the end!

 photo IMG_6612_zps8467ce34.jpg