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Rokka no Yuusha

When the Majin awakes from the depths of darkness, the deity of fate selects six heroes and bequeaths them with the power to save the world. Adlet, a boy who proclaims himself the strongest man in the world, has been selected among "The Heroes of the Six Flowers". However, as the heroes gather, they soon begin to suspect that someone amongst them is an imposter.

It's really sad that I must say that I'm really disappointed.. First I really started to like this anime and the characters are quite interesting and have nice character designs, but the end of this anime ruined everything!

The story seems quite ordinary fantasy anime where some heroes are going to defeat big villain, but then there comes this one big problem what they are trying to solve (and that problem actually took all those episodes what was left). It was quite interesting that there is one who isn't on their side. But then it started to take more and more episodes to solve it. When you think about it, it took too much time, but actually even though it took so many episodes all those turns kept it still interesting. The end of this anime was quite surprise but this time not in the good way...

The animation looks really beautiful specially in first episodes of this anime! There are a lot of details and the backgrounds looks really pretty. Colors are really pretty and suit really well for this kind of anime! But I must say that the quality of this animation drop a little when they go further (but that happens now and then in some animes). Then there are those 3D enemies... As some of you might know, I'm not big fan of 3D animation (specially in animes or if they are mixed in with 2D like in this anime). They would look a little suitable for this if they wouldn't move so smoothly and the coloring wouldn't be so shiny like they are in this anime.. (they look so machine like when they shines that much.. but I don't know if it is just what they wanted). But still I liked the animation! 

Characters are really great in this anime! I really like most of them designs and the character developments in such a short period is amazing (there is only 12 episodes), specially when you think about Fremy! I really would like to know more about those characters, but it just can't fit only in 12 episodes so you actually get to know pretty much about them in such a short time. I even kind a like somehow the main character, even though he is that kind of character which I don't usually like.

Overall... I really can't say that this was good, even though there is some good characters and it's enjoyable and it's kind a clever too. But the end is just so big disappointment that this anime leaves me feeling that it wasn't so good... I don't wan't to spoil so I just say that they face too fast another problem...

But I think that's all, see you soon!
(summer animes are ending so I will write quite a lot about animes for couple days from now).

(the art of Rokka no Yuusha's novel is so pretty~)

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