perjantai 30. toukokuuta 2014

Asian Movies

Like I last time said that I have watched lot of movies lately. It's mostly because my brother give away lot of movies what I haven't seen yet. And here is couple of them, there is lot more what I haven't watch and couple what I have, but I'm going to put them to different kind of post. 

Volcano High (2001)
This one sounds quite a interesting and kind a cool, but it really isn't. With a little fix or bigger one this could be fine movie. But this was just weird Korean movie whit good looking blond guy. There is some special skills and some of them is quite a cool, but then there is flying (like a Chinese movie) and couple weird guys. 

My Wife Is A Gangster (2001)
There is newer version of this and I think it's from year 2006. But I watched this 2001 now and I actually liked this one. It was fun and interesting even if again my favorite character died (that happen quite often... why they always do this to me!). Now when I'm thinking I'm not sure if I have seen that 2006 version. But maybe I watch it and see if I have seen it already ^^'

Returner (2003)
I normally don't like alien stuff, but this was actually pretty good. Mostly because I liked those characters, even the female character was fine (usually I don't like them). This is only Japanese movie from those what i have watched (if we don't count the one horror movie what I'm going to put later). It's kind a weird because I usually watch Japanese movies than other Asian movies ^^'.

Yesterday (2002)
And again this sounded quite interesting (we live year 2020. Serial killer investigate your missing memories...). But then again the idea was pretty good but then there is quite a lot to fix. I didn't like this and it's probably mostly because I have seen so many police movies (but that doesn't mean I don't like police movies) ^^''

Dragon Squad (2005)
Again police movie and more boring than that Yesterday. I don't even know why I wanted to watch this but it's done. There is really many characters and it isn't bad thing, but you really can't know them very well because this movie doesn't tell much about them (mostly the name and where they work before this).

Resurrection of the Little Match Girl (2002)
Just no, this was so weird and bad. Again it sounds good but then it's really weird and in some point you just don't know what to think about this. Actually this reminds me a little one other Korean movie where is girl that thinks she is cyborg (it was so weird too).

The Warrior King (2005)
This was good movie and this have awesome fighting scenes (and there is quite a lot of those)! If someone really like fighting movies this would be great choice. I really liked this one (I like fighting movies) but the ending was sad! I don't like sad endings but still this is good movie.

torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

Some movies from this year

I have watched lot of movies this year already, most of them from DVD, but in this time I only tell about them what I have seen in cinemas. I noticed that I have only put in twitter what movie I'm going to see and here I haven't said anything at all. Only what I have mentioned this year is The Hobbit 2.

I'm not quite sure that did I mentioned this before but probably not so I watched this Lego movie at February and first I thought that I'm not going to watch this movie at the cinemas but well I did it anyway. And I'm quite happy that I did because this was actually pretty good movie!

Before we went see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we of course watched the first movie and then this. Well I know that the first movie wasn't one of my favorites so I didn't expect much from this. But then this movie was way better than the first one. This was actually great and the winter soldier was so cool (and I'm not going to tell more about him because of spoilers). But if someone didn't watch this because didn't like the first movie much just watch this anyway.  

Of course we watched the first movie again right before this second one. The first movie is good so I hoped this would be as good or even better. Well this was good and there is Harry Osborn! If I think about this and the first one, I'm not sure witch one is better, maybe this? Not sure, but the end of this movie was so sad that it would make the first movie better than this.... Anyway this is good even if the end is sad. 

At the Tuesday there was Super Päivä (Super day) when you can watch the movies at the cinemas with a low price~ So we went see the Godzilla and of course day before that we watched the old version of it. When I was little, I liked the Godzilla movie but when we watched it from VHS it was just fine but not as good as I remembered. Well this new Godzilla was good and way better than the old one. But still not one of my favorites ^^'.

And same day as we watched the Godzilla we went see X-Men: Days of Future Past as well! It was really good movie and it was quite fun to see those characters younger selfs. And then there was part where they needed Quicksilver's help and actor was Evan Peters! He was great character and Evan suited perfectly as Quicksilver~ It was sad that he wasn't there very long but great character anyway! I really want see this movie again soon~ (when I can get the DVD?~).

Yesterday we went see Maleficent. I had waited that moment quite a long and it was great movie! Really beautiful and good~ Angelina Jolie was perfect Maleficent and I really want see this movie again too~ Yesterday was premiere so it will take quite a lot time till it come to DVD, but I can wait~

Well that was it and this week I will graduate from my school~ (And I graduate as a merkonomi (that what we call it in Finnland) and it's Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration. But I'm not sure if I'm going to tell about it later.. but if not then I'm writing about movies little more next time too~ :b

maanantai 26. toukokuuta 2014

May Day

I think I might have been said that there is going to be some photos from May Day. Well! Now I'm going to put them here! We went take some photos with Lon (click Lon's name and you see more photos from this May Day) and Aino (click her name and you can see more her works at DeviantArt). I and Lon put some cute lolita dresses on like last year. Aino come this time whit us and take all those photos what I'm going to put here~ Big thanks to her~ 

 photo DSC_0059_zps142c106c.jpg

 photo DSC_0266_zpsbb187b82.jpg

 photo DSC_0477_zps515f019c.jpg

 photo DSC_0134_zps4c2efd98.jpg

 photo DSC_0246_zpsa431f1e6.jpg

It was really fun actually and it was kind a hard to be serious so there was probably quite a lot very weird photos too :''D And I don't like smiling to the camera or be a model either so I'm quite a happy that there was some good photos too ^^'' But let's not forget weird behind the scenes:

 photo DSC_0435_zps9976c16e.jpg

 photo DSC_0460_zpsbee56eb6.jpg

 photo DSC_0505_zps5e5c07b0.jpg

sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

London Part 4

Hello there~
It's part 4! And the last part too, even there is couple days left. But I didn't take much photos  those days and Terttu get her self sick at Saturday. But let's get started! So next is Saturday and we choose that it's shopping day~ That's why I didn't take photos almost at all that day. It was quite a nice and sunny day until almost nowhere started rain really hard and we just run somewhere where we can eat and we looked terrible, like some wet dogs.

 photo IMG_3521_zpsab95ac83.jpg

 photo IMG_3528_zpsdd1343d5.jpg

 photo IMG_3529_zps09f6a920.jpg

 photo IMG_3531_zpsc68340b5.jpg

That restaurant was really good and not even expensive.
Before that when we where shopping I and Terttu tried to find a dress for our graduation but there was non for us. There was couple quite nice ones but the price wasn't nice at all (so I'm still without dress, but maybe tomorrow I found one... maybe). But there was really good store and I was just piling up on my hands lot of DVD and TV series until I woke up and understand that I can't get all because of I have to put all in one suitcase (and I haven't bought all gift so I can't spend too much money). But I take those five DVDs and found one nice rose shirt too (on the background).

On the evening that day we noticed that Terttu was sick, she had a little fever too. It was probably because of that heavy rain and the Fridays very windy weather. That's why we spend rest of the evening in the hotel and next day's morning too. At Sunday we almost decided that we aren't going anywhere without Terttu so I and Tyyneyy decided to stay whit her. Still that day Terttu said that we should go to see Big Ben, London Eye and London Aquarium and she can take it. So we wen't and we take it really calm.   

 photo IMG_3535_zpsafe95609.jpg

 photo IMG_3544_zps6796c51a.jpg

 photo IMG_3554_zpsd5488dad.jpg

 photo IMG_3565_zps8a102dc9.jpg

 photo IMG_3570_zps4e518468.jpg

 photo IMG_3581_zps7285116f.jpg

 photo IMG_3586_zps1573a765.jpg

 photo IMG_3590_zps58309836.jpg

 photo image_zps488722bd.jpg

 photo IMG_3591_zpsccf2986c.jpg

 photo IMG_3594_zps0d8e8452.jpg

 photo IMG_3597_zpscb516f5d.jpg

 photo IMG_3599_zpsb6ca3e2c.jpg

 photo IMG_3602_zps79b634df.jpg

 photo image_zps40e161c1.jpg

Jep, we check the Big Ben and it was a little smaller than what I had imagined. And after that we went London Aquarium and right after entrance was that cool window on the floor where we saw some sharks. So after that we had quite a big hopes for this. Even so, this wasn't so cool what we have hoped. But it was quite interesting anyway (Sharks are cool and it's hard to take good photos of them). Then we went London Eye and it was about 30 minutes. And there we think that there is quite a close one sushi place and it's the on where they are moving. It was good place and it was fun, but you almost spend too much if you don't watch closely what you take and how much :'D.

And then was the Monday and last day at London (because we leave so early in the next day). We had seen almost all what we wanted and Terttu was still a little sick so we decided just go and find some gifts and spend coins (because you can't turn small coins in to euros :/). And again I bought some DVDs and other thing too (of course the gifts too and they are in the photo too ^^').

 photo IMG_3636_zpsc0dabf55.jpg

And that's was it! Hope you guys liked this and previous parts too~
I had lot of fun to make those and of course the trip to London whit my friends was awesome! We probably going to think next year new trip (maybe at Paris)~ But we see what happen then. It was really great to go there whit awesome Terttu and Tyyney~~ That's all!

 photo IMG_3667_zps86d76946.jpg

tiistai 20. toukokuuta 2014

Summer animes 2014!

 photo summeranime20141_zps37078d94.png

 photo summeranime20142_zps6b52694b.png

 photo summeranime20143_zpsb5af514f.png

 photo summeranime20144_zpsfa65ddce.png

 photo summeranime20145_zpsbb4a2fd4.png

 photo summeranime20146_zps8663185d.png

First I thought that I put first all London parts and then this, but some reason I put this already. Anyway! This summer looks really great! Specially I wait Sailor moon: Crystal, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, Love Stage!!, Sword art online II and Dramatical murder~ But of course I'm going to watch more than those ;b. I really hope that Dramatical murder is well done and good because I'm quite excited :> (and I'm still sad that Dramatical murder stopped working in my computer (hopefully J-pon fix it someday~ <3).  

sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2014

London Part 3

Hello! It's time for Part 3 and this is still day 2 at London. After Madame Tussauds we went see Sherlock Holmes museum and it was really cool. There was lot of cool and interesting things and it was really nicely made. We didn't have to wait really long (unlike at Madame Tussauds where we waited a little more than one hour). And after that museum we went eat some great pasta and noticed that we have still lot of time. So we walked quite long and went back to the hotel. 

Now I'm once again going to put lot of photos from that day and not going to write. So here some photos, enjoy!

 photo IMG_3329_zps3895cbc3.jpg

 photo IMG_3330_zpsb6449266.jpg

 photo IMG_3339_zpsd35213f0.jpg

 photo IMG_3343_zpsf8331cb2.jpg

 photo IMG_3346_zpsb0a22d5b.jpg

 photo IMG_3348_zps9554ec48.jpg

 photo IMG_3351_zpse4e58508.jpg

 photo IMG_3353_zps9b8394ab.jpg

 photo IMG_3363_zps6b7e2d6d.jpg

 photo IMG_3362_zps8b4d1005.jpg

 photo IMG_3364_zps83dfde67.jpg

 photo IMG_3366_zps11c09cec.jpg

 photo IMG_3378_zpse441b294.jpg

 photo IMG_3382_zpsc4f80c7c.jpg

 photo IMG_3393_zps299809f5.jpg

 photo IMG_3394_zpsa88238fe.jpg

 photo IMG_3397_zps6e9a1aaf.jpg

 photo IMG_3412_zps621d4493.jpg

 photo IMG_3420_zps4054e218.jpg

 photo IMG_3423_zpseec8b876.jpg

 photo IMG_3433_zpsf17963f2.jpg

 photo IMG_3437_zps3bc50a36.jpg

 photo IMG_3445_zps6e9a79dc.jpg

 photo IMG_3460_zpscd740280.jpg

 photo IMG_3462_zps8b2f7237.jpg

 photo IMG_3470_zps29874b85.jpg

 photo IMG_3501_zpsdfaa5a2b.jpg

 photo IMG_3502_zpsae4dcc65.jpg

 photo IMG_3513_zps60111c73.jpg

 photo IMG_3514_zps663b935d.jpg