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Tracon X

Tracon was last weekend in Tampere so I traveled there already in Friday (because I live pretty far away right now... I miss Tampere). It took me about 8 hours to get there if I remember right. I actually haven't traveled that long on my own before now that I think about it. Anyway! It wasn't so bad!

When I finally got myself to Tampere, I met my friend and after that I found myself painting my cosplay... (very ordinary night before con..)

I was planning to cosplay Nyaruko from anime named Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (I don't remember if I have told you guys before this...). And like I said the cosplay wasn't ready in that Friday even the con started next day... ahahahaha... Well I and Haja painted Nyaruko's skirt and ribbon that night. And still the cosplay wasn't finished after that night... (I cut the wig in Saturday morning).

Anyway! I somehow managed to go with Nyaruko cosplay to the Tracon in that Saturday! I was late as always and the ticket line was super long! 

 photo image_zpsjwltawe9.jpg

 photo image_zpseiifhy3i.jpg
(this second photo is from Animelehti's twitter

Somehow we finally made it to indoors and missed first program where we wanted to go... But luckily we had time to go second hand shop! And because we went so early, there was lot of cool things~ After that we went back to the ticket line, but this time because we wanted to see Cosplay competitions~ The line was event longer than in the morning, but we somehow made it! And then we went to see Lon to the Maid cafe~ She was so cute in that maid outfit~ fufufufu~

But here some photos from that morning and some which I took when we was in that long line:

 photo pieniIMG_5955_zpsdogxggkm.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_5967_zpsqrldki64.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_5973_zpsqn4cnnya.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_5974_zpscc3s8jja.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_5981_zpsbrsmyc7z.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_5983_zpstsh80ltq.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_6000_zpsvp1bumv2.jpg

Actually I'm not sure if those all are from Saturday... but anyway! We went to the Maid cafe like I said~ And after that we went to see the cosplay competition! I'm going to put here some photos of it, but there might be some photos from Sunday too because I just don't remember what photos are from which day ^^''

 photo pieniIMG_6049_zpsxuxuoxbq.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_6072_zpszsub4tdp.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_6091_zpscemz7olm.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_6127_zpsar0jvhwe.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_6156_zpsxffgsnjq.jpg

There was lot of good cosplayers and performs in both days! I'm really sorry that I don't remember which are from Saturday and which from Sunday, but maybe nobody don't mind about that... gehehehe... hehe...

I went to watch some AMVs after watching those cosplayers. There was some good and fun videos but afterwards I really wanted to go listen to another program... I heard that it was really good and well you can watch those AMVs like right now if you want (you can find them from youtube).

Those was two my favorites~
After that AMV competition, we went to listen one program and then clock was quite a lot so we went back to home get some sleep.

Next day we went this time in time! But the reason was probably that I didn't put cosplay that day. So I was quite a fast that morning!

 photo image_zpsx53gaywa.jpg

Sundays outfit!
Anyway! On Sunday we went listen one program in the morning and it was quite a fun one. And after that we went to watch again cosplay (NCC and perform competition). Photos of that are before those videos (like I said, I don't remember what photos are from which day).

And after that there was like four programs what I wanted to see! But I and Lon choose to see some dancing when others from our group went to see other programs.

 photo pieniIMG_6213_zpscwzjdnhq.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_6242_zps0rm4qes0.jpg

 photo pieniIMG_6287_zpsvf7u9oxk.jpg

There was Hitode☆Army! They are so cute~
Oh, and of course other dancing groups Chotto!Chocolate, BLUFF and .ZERO was dancing there too. I found video of that program so here it is if someone want to see:

It was really fun to watch~

And after that we went listen one more program and then the con was over, so sad. This years Tracon was once again really fun even though I get myself sick after that... The bus trip back to Piippola in Monday was really horrible (but happily it took this time only 6 hours not 8 like in Friday).

 photo image_zpsugi44wmi.jpg

Here something what I bought~ Almost all of them are from second hand shop so even though there is quite a lot of manga it wasn't so expencive~

But that's all I think!
See you guys soon!

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