lauantai 27. syyskuuta 2014

Tracon 9

Finally I have time (and I'm not too lazy) to write about Tracon which was 13.-14.9.2014. 
Day before that was Final Symphony (music from Final Fantasy VI,VII and X) at the Tampere-talo,

 photo image_zps17928a6a.jpg

At Saturday we didn't went right at the morning (mostly because we are always late). But we arrive just in time to listen Shin Megami Tensei panel. We noticed pretty quickly that that day there was lot of programs which we want to see (and no time for food). Right after that panel only me and Haja stayed there and started listen to next panel which was Yowapedal panel.

 photo IMG_4177_zps1168f9b5.jpg

 photo IMG_4178_zpsce0a5ca2.jpg

 photo IMG_4179_zps554249f3.jpg

 photo IMG_4181_zps2247c2eb.jpg

There was only a little time before Cosplaydate so we watched some games which was on sale and I actually bought one~ And of course I took some photos~

 photo IMG_4244_zpsf11e207d.jpg

 photo IMG_4268_zps3f712120.jpg

Cosplaydate was fun as always
But after that we went to buy some food and that was pretty quickly case because we wanted to arrive to watch some cosplay contest in time. I don't know how but I manage take one photo on our way to eat (even though we almost sprinted there).

 photo IMG_4273_zps9a5ae547.jpg

But anyway! I'm going to put now some photos of the Cosplay contest so enjoy! (I'm not going to put all of the photos, but some of them).

 photo IMG_4287_zpsab4cd76e.jpg

 photo IMG_4299_zpseebf989c.jpg

 photo IMG_4320_zpsc93e0c86.jpg

 photo IMG_4348_zps16d3480f.jpg

 photo IMG_4386_zps1f34bb04.jpg

 photo IMG_4398_zps8c543aa5.jpg

 photo IMG_4426_zps2569e680.jpg

 photo IMG_4437_zpsa7d0827b.jpg

They was awesome (I really want to make cosplay too, like right now!) and I must say that I really don't like when camera mans stand up and shows almost every photo I take.

But anyway lets continue to Sunday!

 photo IMG_4536_zpsd65f3d5e.jpg

 photo IMG_4544_zpsf223daac.jpg

Actually I don't remember which day I take those two photos...
Anyway! This day we manage to come earlier and we bought some stuff and went to watch AMV-contest. After that I wanted to see panel named Uimapojista höllyviin tisseihin - fanservicen salaisuudet (From the swimming boys to the wiggle boobs, or so I think it's written in english). But I wonder why nobody wanted to come with me so we didn't go there... :'D

After some free time we went to listen some singing.

 photo IMG_4547_zpsb3ebc05b.jpg

 photo IMG_4550_zps2a99494e.jpg

 photo IMG_4551_zps8b7c5180.jpg

They was actually pretty good and it was nice to listen~ There was many good songs actually I put what pieces there was.

Victory theme - Final Fantasy VI
Credens Justinam - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika
Lilium - Elfen Lied
Yume no Sekai he - Muumit
Katamari on the Swing - We love Katamari
Pokemon (in Finnish)
The Promised Land - Final Fantasy Advent Children
Baba yet - Civilization IV

 photo IMG_4556_zps08b42a44.jpg

 photo IMG_4559_zps4a6cd675.jpg

 photo IMG_4565_zps452b26d2.jpg

After the concert we went to see some more cosplay contest!
So here some more photos of some cosplayers~

 photo IMG_4610_zps7808050b.jpg

 photo IMG_4669_zps9f8294ce.jpg

 photo IMG_4710_zpsf4072528.jpg

 photo IMG_4728_zps1cffc280.jpg

I actually took some videos too but I'm too lazy to upload them and probably you guys can find better ones anyway. This weekend was pretty nice even though we didn't have Lon with us this time (but maybe in the next year at Animecon!).

I didn't take any photos of myself in Saturday (I just had some white and light pink clothes and Magi T-shirt~) But we take photos in Sunday before we went eat so here some epic photos:

 photo IMG_4740_zps8be1e035.jpg

 photo IMG_4744_zps74c78ec7.jpg

And after those photos we went eat some sushi buffet at Watamisushi and we ate a lot.
So I'm going to put some photos of what I bought from the Tracon and that's it. I'm going to write next about some animes because I have watched quite a lot lately (even though I have no time).

 photo image_zps587298f6.jpg

 photo image_zpsf825cbfc.jpg

torstai 18. syyskuuta 2014

Habitare and school

 photo Habitare15_paakuva_zpsc21410a4.jpg

Last week at Friday right before Tracon was Habitere and I went there with modelmaking group (with school if you wonder). And yes, I'm going to write about Tracon later but not today. 

Habitare is next year too at Helsinki if you are interesting (as the pic says).
It was quite interesting even though I wondered there mostly on my own (forever alone! and now imagine that ugly face here). Anyway! I'm going to put couple photos what I took there whit my fabulous phone.

 photo image_zps3fc11ab8.jpg

 photo image_zps2a70e53a.jpg

 photo image_zps8ee4abed.jpg

 photo image_zps64a16782.jpg

 photo image_zps07afa068.jpg

 photo image_zps7cd6e924.jpg

 photo image_zpsa6236b1e.jpg

 photo image_zpsf9168aee.jpg

 photo image_zps037c2278.jpg

 photo image_zps40ca324f.jpg

 photo image_zpsdcf9a8d2.jpg

I haven't done much lately and that's probably why I haven't written here lately. Well I have been quite a lazy too so that's might be a reason too ^^'. Anyway! I have been at school and I have watched some Supernatural and some anime so there isn't much to write about (well... I might write about some animes when I'm not too lazy :b).

So now I'm just going to talk something what I have done lately and next time I promise to write about Tracon and that's going to be soon really!

 photo image_zps151d2c0d.jpg

I don't remember how much I have been talking about my new school... oh well! I study Modelmaking now and I have my own desk there! And right front of me are empty wall so I have been drawing some fan art to make it look not so empty anymore. There is now more than those two drawings (Aomine, Kuroneko and some other pics what I have put there). 

 photo image_zps17dfd756.jpg

And that's the what I see every time I go to school or back to home. My school is at Ikaalinen and is't quite far away of my home so every morning I wake up 3h before my school actually starts because it's takes almost 2h to get there from my home. It's not that bad because I sleep that time in buss and hope that I woke up before the buss is at my school :'D

 photo image_zpsca1f7275.jpg

 photo image_zps64fd87d3.jpg

Ugh that first photo, they are so ugly I'm sorry. I have made so many others of them and they look lot better (but not quite good yet either....). And actually today I finished that castle! It's Turunlinna if you don't know what castle is it. I'm not quite proud of it either, but some my sempais (I mean my upper classmates) says that you can't even do it perfectly....(it was made of ready printed pieces, you only have to cut them and put some glue and roll the board) so this was only practice for the future missions!

 photo image_zpscd6de439.jpg

 photo image_zps991792ae.jpg

 photo image_zps317e30cb.jpg

Ebay is bad place for me... I bought my first Free doujinshi and some other stuff but I didn't take photo of them. Even if I should have taken! Because I bought All You Need Is Kill and art is by Takeshi Obata~~~ I'm so happy and I want to read it soon as I can, maybe today! 
And in the second photo is some cool stuff what I'm going to need in modelmaking. One day when I returned from school to home my grandpa was bought those to me! I'm so happy and I really want to use them soon as possible~~ 
Oh and my sis Haja was at Paris and bought me some gift from Baby~~ There is cute socks and pretty card~~ And gift from Disney Land too~

And that all I think! I'm going to write about Tracon soon as I can!