keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2015

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

The story begins with a boy named Naiee paying his respects at the tombstone of his mother, who drowned at sea while he remained unable to save her. His elder brother, Naia, calls him to help their ill father reach the village's doctor, who in turn tells them the only way to save him is by collecting the waters from the Tree of Life. The brothers embark on their journey through the village, hills and mountains, while facing challenges like the local bully, a farmer's aggressive dog, and deadly wolves. They also help others along the way – reuniting a friendly pair of trolls, saving a man attempting suicide, and aiding an inventor.

I saw some game play of this and I really wanted to try this game. I bought this and played it couple days ago (just haven't written about it, until now). In this game you have to control those brothers separately. So it's not easy all the time (specially when they must escape something and you need to be fast.. ahahah). I really liked this game though. It's look pretty good and the game is interesting too. The characters was okay, but something is missing. Maybe they didn't have much personality... or so I think.

Anyway! Overall this game is really good, if you like this kind of games. And even though I would like different ending this on is good too (something that you probably didn't guess)

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  1. The game has really beautiful scenery and nice music. But most of all great story and really made me cry TT_TT

    1. It is very beautiful game, and you are not the only one who cried while playing this game. The end is so sad but still I kind a like how it ends even though happy end would be nice too! ^^