torstai 16. heinäkuuta 2015

Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku

A story based on the super popular song series from NND. Eruna Ichinomiya, a freshman who dreamed of a school life filled with cuteness, entered a boarding school—Mikagura Private School. In this school, each of the cultural club representatives have to battle each other, with unique powers...!! What will happen to Eruna, who somehow ended up becoming the representative of a certain club?!

I really wasn't planning to watch this, but then again, I have quite a lot of time so why not? I really liked all those fighting scenes but unfortunately there aren't those so much. In this anime there is lot of character but some reason I really didn't find that kind of character which I really liked. Well they are good characters and they are really different from each others but.. some reason I didn't find that character which I would like.

Anyway! I really liked the story, it is interesting even though I would put there more action and made it even a little serious than it is. There is a lot of comedy because the main character is quite a energetic one.. okay really energetic. But in the end it gets a little serious because they tell more about Seisa's past and that's why I like the couple last episodes! I also liked the end of the anime, even though it is really predictable, but it suits this anime really well.

Like the synopsis says; this story is based on the super popular song series! Last Note.'s Vocaloid song series (sung by GUMI) with PVs by Akina. I actually didn't know that even though I listened quite a lot Vocaloid couple years go (not anymore though).

There is also novel which is still going on (started in 2013). The story is of course by Last Note. and art is by Akina just like those Vocaloid song series. There is manga too which started in 2013 too and the story is of course by Last Note. but the art is by Sayuki. Manga is still not finished so it's probably go different way than anime does.

But I think that's all for now!

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