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Kuroko no Basket 3rd Season

The third season of Kuroko no Basket. 
After winning a fierce game against Yosen High, Seirin High successfully advances on to the semifinals of the Winter Cup. They continue to aim to become the champions, but have to face many powerful opponents along the way.

I can't believe that Kuroko no Basket is over! I love this anime so much! Of course there is coming some special episodes but it's quite impossible that there would be coming new episodes. It's really sad that there is not coming more, but maybe it's good. Sometimes is not good to continue too much (it would ruin good anime if they continue it really long). In some animes the series is first really good but go worse when they make season 3 (sometimes it go worst already in season 2). But in this anime the quality is even better when you compare first episode in season 1 and last episode in season 3. The animation looks so awesome! I liked it already in first season but now its looks so beautiful!

Kuroko no basket is my favorite sport anime, even though there is other really good ones! But this anime looks so awesome, the characters are really good, in every game you can't know for sure if the main character team Seirin is going to win or not (even though they win almost every time). And the characters have different and good backstories, And the ending is good! Even though you can pretty much guess even in the season one, that how this anime will end. But the journey to the end is good and really addictive.

And in this 3rd season there was couple episodes of flashback to the time when Kuroko was part of Kiseki no sedai! Already in first season I was hoping that they would do even one episode of flashback to that time (there was only short flashbacks now and then). But in this 3rd season there was 4 episodes of that (if I remember right). I was so happy! And I am still happy! At first they where so cute together! And of course things gets really sad, but they was so cute! I can't take it! They made even own opening for those episodes! That's so cute~

Anyway! I really recommend to watch all those three seasons! It might feel really long but every season is so good and it's good from the start to the end!

And that's all for now! I probably write tomorrow or even today more!

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