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Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend is an interactive text-based visual novel that follows a branching plot line, with the player's decisions determining which of the game's multiple endings they receive. The title is a pun on the wasei-eigo word hātofuru (ハートフル, "heartful", also "hurtful"), and the Japanese word hato (鳩, "pigeon", "dove"), as the game features pigeons and other birds as major characters. The game is set in a version of Earth populated by sapient birds, and its main story follows the player character and protagonist—the only human attending St. PigeoNation's Institute, an elite school for birds—as she finds love among her avian acquaintances. Bad Boys Love, a hidden alternate story mode, opens with the discovery of the protagonist's corpse, after which the player follows her best friend Ryouta Kawara as he investigates the circumstances of her death and unravels darker conspiracies surrounding the school.

I never actually thought of playing this game. It was quite a hilarious when I heard about this couple years ago. This is actually released in 2011 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. It was developed by manga artist Moa Hato's dōjin circle PigeoNation Inc., and is the successor of a Flash game of the same name she created for April Fools' Day in 2011. But now I bought this in Steam (from summer sales again). It was really cheap so I thought, why not? And now I have played all the the routes and seen all the 15 endings. 

This isn't so long game so you play it pretty fast, but when you play all the endings... that took a little more time. Specially when you play BBL ending, it was really long (when you compare it to other endings). 

I played first Ryouta's route. Actually it's one of my favorites of them all, even thought it is quite a sad one. But not as sad as Nageki's! I liked that route too though. I really would like to tell more about those routes but maybe I don't do that (I probably would spoil something..). Maybe I just say that if you don't want to play all of them you should really play Nageki, Ryouta and Shuu. I think those are the top three routes. Nageki's and Ryouta's ending are quite sad ones and then Shuu is really creepy one (but definitely absolutely different than the rest of them). 

Of course other routes are good too! The stories are so different and you really don't know beforehand what is going to happen. 

Even though this is really weird game and dating with pigeons sounds reaaaaally weird, the story is interesting and this isn't expensive, so try and you maybe going to know what I mean ^^'

Have a nice day guys!
(and I have to put this cute Ryouta dakimakura in the end, so weird too :'D). 

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  1. Hahaha, this game seems so hilarious, but I never got a chance to actually play it!
    I always say the weirder the better.

    1. You are probably right, weirder is often better :D
      And you really should try this game out, I'm pretty sure that you would like it~~ :>