sunnuntai 14. kesäkuuta 2015

Hellocon 2015

I finally can write about Hellocon! 
Let me explain a little, my laptop died a little while ago and I didn't know if all my photos and things would be gone with it. Happily J-pon saved all my photos and drawing etc. but unfortunately my laptop didn't make it, so now I borrow my moms laptop and I can finally write here again!

 photo image_zps5q2uew56.jpg

Hellocon was last month so I will write best as I can (I probably going to forget to write something but I'll do my best!). I and my sis left to Helsinki day before Hellocon that we could go to the secondhand shops and Fantasiapelit. Unfortunately we didn't find anything, expect one awesome shop! I don't remember it's name anymore, but it was full of cool stuff! (and pretty expensive too though...).

 photo image_zpsoidiftdu.jpg

Always when I get the chance to go in Helsinki I must go to Fantasiapelit, And of course I cant leave there empty handed, so I bought couple comic books~ ahahaha~
Oh, and Lon come back to Finland that day too! So me and my sis found her and we spend a little time with her~

 photo DSC_0011m_zpshgaxwzij.jpg

And next day was the Hellocon day! I really like Lolita fashion, but I don't wear it much myself (it doesn't look so good on me ^^'). But I took some photos there, so I'm going to put them here, so enjoy!

 photo IMG_4966_zpssc4z96gf.jpg

 photo IMG_4967_zpsmprevtzo.jpg

 photo IMG_4975_zpspybztunv.jpg

 photo d6a17f76-d706-4208-bd85-f8dcb9fbfc2f_zpsajbuzc8d.jpg

There was so much cute jewelers and dresses~ I would bought them all if I could wear them and if they wouldn't be so expensive ^^''. And then some photos from the fashion shows!

 photo IMG_5022_zpsgmiz99oe.jpg

 photo IMG_5071_zpss0i8inek.jpg

 photo IMG_5119_zps2ko98ipa.jpg

 photo IMG_5154_zps4skbodzp.jpg

 photo IMG_5209_zpsca6dwpyy.jpg

 photo IMG_5225_zpssc0dmajm.jpg

 photo IMG_5248_zps3nq9sj8d.jpg

 photo IMG_5273_zpswzlofkwc.jpg

 photo IMG_5272_zpskwzcb3gn.jpg

That was all of them
(well I do have more photos, but maybe I don't put every one of them here ^^').

 photo image_zpsbffpebal.jpg

 photo image_zps7xmdqbxs.jpg

 photo image_zpsohfln2tf.jpg


I think that was it and next time I probably write something about anime (because I finished watching couple of them).

See ya~

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  1. Soooo much awesome and gorgeous stuff and gorgeously dressed ladies all around~

    I also love your fashion style!

    1. awww, thank you so much even though my fashion style change repeatedly (depend on day) :''D