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Something about March and April

I noticed that I didn't write much about what happen in March and April. Even though, I didn't do much, but still. I'm kind of bored right now (even though I should do something) so maybe I just once again put some bad quality photos from my phone and tell you guys about March and April!

 photo image_zpsyuaupcxs.jpg

I probably already told that I was making the Thranduil's crown for my sister. Well, I finished it (and I'm not so satisfied how it come up) and I probably going to tell how I made this and put some photos when (and if) my sis take some cool photos of her Thranduil cosplay.

 photo image_zpszmpv3zie.jpg

 photo image_zps6f8wwbmk.jpg

 photo image_zpszly0u3xb.jpg

 photo image_zpspfalrl33.jpg

I have also painted with watercolors in those two moths, not so much but some. Actually those three last ones I pained as a gift for my brother and friend  and sister. I also have drawn quite a lot in scrapbook (but most of them aren't so good, so I'm not going to show them).

 photo image_zpsn4zeevdn.jpg

 photo image_zpslblozbpl.jpg

 photo image_zps2sutrxcv.jpg

I bought new wig in March if I remember right (in first photo). I really like it and I hope that I can use it more often! Well I can, but I have been quite lazy with my hair lately. I haven't straighten my curly hair in a long time or dyed it or anything (just added some feathers now and then if I'm not too lazy). I actually bought some new feathers from Helsinki but I write about that when I write about Hellocon (and I write right after I get some photos from friend and put my own to my laptop).

 photo image_zpsnwqvhal1.jpg

I also have played some Shadow of the Colossus! Well it's fast to play but I have been a little lazy with it... I could play it in one day (because I'm already in the midway) but but.... I'm too lazy and the game isn't catchy enough (it's good game! don't get me wrong! but there are 16 colossus... so many... too many).

 photo image_zpst98ohh5f.jpg

 photo image_zpsqgwx2vn1.jpg

 photo image_zpsnqcv7plh.jpg

 photo image_zpsqxr5vzqe.jpg

 photo image_zpsgfzntdsu.jpg

 photo image_zpsnieuvdze.jpg

And then some food photoooooosss!
Well, I put always some food photos in my twitter so that's why there is quite lot of them (I didn't even put all of them here ^^'). I don't have much to say about these.. I just wanted to put them here... so let's leave them here and just let's continue the next ones!

 photo image_zpseh0cm8rz.jpg

 photo image_zpsrnol8udc.jpg

 photo image_zpsovcbyjcx.jpg

 photo image_zpshe0kqboc.jpg

More my not so good drawings! I just forgot to put these after the watercolor ones.. and I was too lazy to fix this and put these there... but oh well! Of course I have drawn more than that and put something in twitter too..

 photo image_zpswnnzepjv.jpg

 photo image_zpsysavlrlt.jpg

 photo image_zpsetkucvbg.jpg

And more coslpay making! Actually I haven't done Hilde cosplay in month or something... I really should! Because it's must be done after two months I think.. well I have time, but still! I must continue it! I also started doing another cosplay (the last pic) even though Hilde isn't finished....ahahahaha...

 photo image_zpsf1otnksh.jpg

I also watched The Musketeers season one!
I really liked it and I want watch the second one soon *W*


I think that's all...?
As you can see, I didn't do much...
Oh well, next time I probably write about Hellocon! (if I have the photos).

See you guys soon (hopefully)!

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