maanantai 22. kesäkuuta 2015

Owari no Seraph

One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13. At the same time, vampires emerged from the world's dark recesses and enslaved mankind. Enter Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young boy, who along with the rest of the children from his orphanage, are treated as livestock by the vampires. Even in captivity, Yuuichirou dreams big. He dreams of killing vampires. He dreams of killing them all.

Once again one anime watched and this time it is Owari no Seraph. I really like this one even though I wrote in twitter something like this: "This anime cause me heart error".
This is really dark one as you can guess, of course it might have some scenes that make you smile (this doesn't include comedy though). I haven't seen really good vampire animes so I was quite excited about this one. I really like almost all the characters and the dark miserable story is good one and those demon weapons are pretty cool. This anime make some surprising turns when you thought something might happen and then it's something a little different or right opposite one. I really don't know how this is going to end, but I hope it's going to be happy one, but if it's not happy then it's have to make me cry (because if it's not happy or it's not so sad that I'm going to cry my eyes out, it's probably is going to make me disappointed). I have quite a big hopes for this one ^^''

Overall I really liked this first season! And second season will start in October! So we don't have to wait really long (pretty long, but luckily it's come in this year TuT). And I really like those outfits, they make me want to make cosplay, but there is quite a lot of good characters so I cant decide.

But see you guys again!

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