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Upcoming Summer Anime

Now is turn for the Summer animes even though the first one of them (Miss Monochrome (2015) and I'm not going to write about it) is going to appear in 99 days... Oh well I'm going to write this anyway! 

And again I'm not going to write about all of them.

Akagami no Shirayuki Hime
The story of the shojo manga revolves around Shirayuki, a beautiful girl working as a medicine woman who has red hair, which is very rare in her country. When she is proposed and chased after by the prince of her country, she runs away, only to meet Zen, the prince of a neighboring country. Finding respect for the young man, she decides to serve at his side as his court doctor.

This is not really my type of anime, but I'm a little curious so that's why
I'm going to give it a try.

Aoharu x Kikanjuu
When Hotaru moves into a new apartment alone, there’s a mysterious man standing nearby the apartment. Hotaru decides to confront the man, who turns out to live in the neighbouring apartment. The next day at school, Hotaru’s best friend Kanae tells Hotaru that a host tricked her out of her money. When Hotaru goes to confront the host, he happens to be none other than Hotaru’s neighbour, Masamune?!

This seems pretty interesting and it's not only an action anime but comedy too so why not? I'm going to watch this and hopefully it's good~ (if I have time, I would read this manga first because this start in July).

Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Senyaku
The story takes place in the year 3105 of the sparkling era in the small country of Nil Kamui, where the guardian god Red Dragon has gone berserk.

I'm not really sure about this because I haven't liked much this kind of animes but I'm going to try this anyway if it's better than I thought.

In the town of Ergastulum, there exists a feared group of people with increased speed and strength called Twilights. The town is ruled by four gangs: Paulklee, Corsica, Monroe, and Cristiano. Worick Arcangelo and Nicolas Brown make a living here as independent jacks-of-all-trades and find themselves caught in the middle of more than a little trouble.

I have heard that the manga is quite a good one and I have been thinking that I would read it and now I'm really going to read it before July! I'm quite exited about this anime~~

Gatchaman Crowds insight 
Continuation of the "Gatchaman Crowds" anime.

There aren't any trailers about this anime, so I just put this opening from the first season of Gatchaman Crowds. I'm quite exited about this one because I liked the firs season~~ This anime is coming in July too (3 moths and some days top of it.. quite far away).

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakeri
In August of 20XX, a portal to a parallel world, known as the "Gate," suddenly appeared in Ginza, Tokyo. Monsters and troops poured out of the portal, turning the shopping district into a bloody inferno. The Japan Ground-Self Defence Force immediately took action and pushed the fantasy creatures back to the "Gate." To facilitate negotiations and prepare for future fights, the JGSDF dispatched the Third Reconnaissance Team to the "Special Region" at the other side of the Gate. Youji Itami, a JSDF officer as well as a 33-year-old otaku, was appointed as the leader of the Team. Amid attacks from enemy troops the team visited a variety of places and learnt a lot about the local culture and geography. Thanks to their efforts in humanitarian relief, although with some difficulties they were gradually able to reach out to the locals. They even had a cute elf, a sorceress and a demigoddess in their circle of new friends. On the other hand, the major powers outside the Gate such as the United States,China and Russia were extremely interested in the abundant resources available in the Special Region. They began to exert diplomatic pressure over Japan. A suddenly appearing portal to an unknown world—to the major powers it may be no more than a mere asset for toppling the international order. But to our protagonists it is an invaluable opportunity to broaden knowledge, friendship, and ultimately their perspective towards the world.

Not sure about this one either, but I'm going to try this out too. Maybe it's good, you never know until you try.

Junjou Romantica Season 3
Third Season of Junjou Romantica.

Again no trailer for this one, but it's really coming in July! I thought that the season 2 was last one and it come up in 2008 so after 7 years they decide to make season 3? Well fine, I'm so going to watch this :''D

Kangoku Gakuen
Hachimitsu Academy, known for its strict academic standards and even stricter school code, is making a giant change this year. In the first time in school history, they are allowing boys to be admitted. As Fujino Kiyoshi starts his first day at Hachimitsu Academy he is shocked to find out that there are only 4 other guys in the entire school, making the ratio of girls to boys 200:1. And to their dismay, not one of the thousand girls will talk to them or even acknowledge them. But Kiyoshi and the guys are about to find out about the shadow student council that has been threatening the female students about interacting with male students.

Ummm... I'm not really sure if I can watch this, but I maybe try it anyway and probably going to drop it after first or second episode ^^''

Rokka no Yuusha
The story centers around six heroes — except seven appear instead. One must be a fake and the heroes' enemy. When the Majin awoke from the depths of darkness, the deity of fate chose six heroes and bequeathed them with the power to save the world. Adoretto, a boy who proclaims himself the strongest on Earth, was selected among the Rokka no Yūsha (Heroes of the Six Flowers), and he goes to the rendezvous point — but seven have gathered there. The heroes suspect that someone among the seven is the enemy, and the initial suspicion falls on Adoretto.

This one seems pretty interesting so I'm certainly going to watch this one and see if it's good (I hope that it is).

Third Season of Working!!
(again no trailer for this one T^T)

I can't even! I love so much this anime and now it's going to get third season~~ I'm so happy and totally going to watch this in July when it's starts airing!


And that's all for now!
There is going to be pretty good spring and summer for anime and happily I have time to watch most of them! (because I don't have life.. ahahhaa...)

Well! See you guys probably soon!

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