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Block B at Helsinki 1.3.2015

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Uwaaah~~ I'm so happy! Yesterday was the Block B concert at Helsinki (in Circus). We left from Tampere pretty early at that day and the bus trip to Helsinki was quite a long, but I don't mind. When we finally arrived there the line was reaaaally long but we waited only one hour and a little more (we where almost last ones at there ^^''). Even though we didn't wait so long it was quite a cold there (+2°C and cold wind...ok that's  not really cold at all... it felt quite cold because I didn't have much clothes).

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Anyway! I really loved it! It was really awesome! It's was probably one of the best concerts I ever had been or maybe the best... Oh well, The place was full of people and they even seemed quite nice (nobody hit or pushed me like many other times when I have been in concert :'D). Well because we where pretty back at that place I didn't saw so well all the time but good enough (I didn't miss anything).

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As you can guess those photos are taken with my phone (so quality is what is it). I also took two quite short videos and they aren't good either but I'm going to put them here now anyway:

Overall this concert was really good, they performed really good songs! Even though I wanted to hear Nillili Mambo and I think I'm not the only one. And I really liked that they talked pretty much and it was really sweet and fun~

I would speak even more about this but maybe this is all this time :)
See u later~

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  1. Block B seem so cool! :D I like most of their songs too~ You're lucky to have seen them live! x3