tiistai 10. maaliskuuta 2015

Child of Light

I finished playing an another game! This time it's Child of Light. 
Really beautiful and cute little game. I played it really fast actually in day and half or something. I don't know just played it through in two days (didn't watch the clock). 
Anyway! I really loved this game even though I hoped that it would last longer, well you can play it more after completing the story but still. I think this game looks really pretty and musics fits really well. The fighting is nice and easy but you can have only one party member with you in fight so that was kind a sad because you will have quite a lot of friend in your party. Of course you can change the friend in the battle too, but I just played whole game trough with the first friend I got. The story is a little sad but I liked it though. Trophies was easy to get in this one, you just play the game through and collect all confessions (and if you just check all the places while playing you can't miss them). 

But well I remembered that Lindsey Stirling made a music video
 of this game so I must put it here~ 
And that all for now!

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