lauantai 14. maaliskuuta 2015

The Wolf Among Us

I played one other TellTale Games's game couple days ago and this time it was The Wolf Among Us. I really liked The Walking Dead so I had quite a big hopes for this one too. An this game was really good. I liked the main character Bigby (aka The Big Bad Wolf) and the story was really interesting. I liked the colors of this game and style of course too~ I would totally play more of this and I hope that some day there might be second part of this. But luckily there is more of The Walking Dead (second season and I heard that there might be third game where Rick is the main character~~) and there is The Game Of Thrones from TellTale Games too~~

Of course because this is from TellTale Games the choices you make in the game will be effect to the course of events. But not so radical, only some small parts and what other character will be thinking about you etc. And once again the trophies was really easy to get in this game. you only play the game trough and you have to play some chapters again differently to get all trophies (but really easy overall). 

 photo fablescopy.jpg

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As someone might know this game is based on the comic named Fables.
Because my sis owns the first volume of this I had a chance to read it but some reason I really didn't get excited about it. Of course it doesn't go same as the game (the walking dead didn't either) but I really want to try again this comic! Maybe it's better than I thought ^^

But anyway this is all for now!

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  1. Telltale games seem really good at creating interactive stories, I will definitely try their stuff in the future!