keskiviikko 18. maaliskuuta 2015


Here is another game witch I played recently and it's ICO (HD for PS3). This is really short game and you can actually play it in 2 hours but it took me about 5 hours. It's quite a pretty and cute game and I have heard that this and Shadow of the Colossus is must play games (I actually play that Shadow of the Colossus right now~~). I liked this game, even though I'm not so good at problem solving in games :'D. The trophies aren't so hard to get (if we don't count that one where you must play the game in 2h). Almost half of them you just get when you play it trough and other half pretty much if you play it second time (I haven't done that yet, maybe someday).
Even though I haven't played Shadow of the Colossus much, in my opinion it's probably much better than ICO.

Anyway, I leave this short this time!
See ya~

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  1. Ohh. I love this game! I didn't finish it but I played a lot of it. I found it surprisingly hard to fend off those shadows with just 1 attack button xD;

    1. True, more attack moves would be really nice (specially defence).But it helps a lot that you can hold Yorda's hand and pull her out of the shadow ^^.