maanantai 9. maaliskuuta 2015

The Walking Dead Game Season 1

I finished playing The Walking Dead (maybe two days ago) and I really liked this first season! I like tell tales games and I really like to play more of them (maybe Wolf Among Us is next one~). The story is good and you really don't know what going to happen and how this is going to end. The end was quite a surprise and really sad  (I almost cry). 

The trophies was really easy to get in this game (just play it through). And that's why I think that the story probably don't go really different when you have to choice witch one you save or what you do. Of course it goes a little different but not so much probably... I haven't played it again yet so I can't say for sure. 

And when I bought The Walking Dead from PlayStation store I got The Walking Dead 400 Days too, it's special episode so I'm not sure if it's in the game normally. Anyway! This is only on episode with five stories and this have it's own trophies. They are easy too, but two of them are a little harder to get (other ones you just get when you play it through). In the two of the trophies, in other one you have to win rock/paper/scissors game in Wyatt story and it's not so easy because you don't know what the friend is going to play. (but you can start over before the auto save kicks in (and of course I didn't notice that.. well I got the trophy so I don't care!)). And then is the second trophy and I get it really easily (I was just lucky I guess) because I think that what you did in main story depend on this because you found a dead friend and if you have choice differently she probably isn't there and you don't get the trophy. I don't know for sure though.. maybe you get it still or there is just different friend? I don't know.

But over all I really liked this game and I wan't play the next season too!~~

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