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Oh dear, I haven't written in this month at all.. Well I haven't done much and almost all things I do, I write them in Twitter. But! This Sunday, Block B is going to be in Helsinki so I'm certainly going to write about that maybe in Monday already~ But now I just write what I have been doing in this month so probably nothing new for them who follow me in Twitter ^^''

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I really haven't played so much in this month. Well I played couple days Final Fantasy XIV because there was some free playing days. I like that game, but I'm a little stuck because me and my sis need to go in the dungeon and we can't go just two of us (well of course we can ask some help, but maybe next time when we play). And I started playing League of Legends it's fine but I don't like it yet.. maybe I will when I play it little more. Aaand of course I have played some Guild Wars 2~~ My map completion is finally 93%! Only a little left~ Oh, and my chef is finally master chef 400/400~~

I also have bought couple new games~ For my psvita I bought the walking dead and the child of light. And even though I have played the last of us,  didn't have the game in my shelf but now I have it~~ hahaha~

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I haven't played only some video games but also some board games with my friends~ I don't know why but some reason we have played board games lately quite a lot. But it's fun so why not :'D

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I must say something about this too!
We visited in Moro at Torni Tampere and there is cake buffet~ It's a little expensive but I really liked it~ The cakes are good and you can drink coffee or tea as much as you want. And of course the view is really nice (I like high places).

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I have drawn quite a lot and those are couple witch I had on my phone (easy to put here). I and my sis watched season 1 and 2 of Hannibal so I have drawing some Hannibal fan art. I'm not sure if I'm going to write about Hannibal, but if I don't I must say this: really good tv-series! I really recommend this if you don't mind that it's quite brutal (not sure if it's good word, but there is lot of killing as you can guess if you know who Hannibal is). And for fujoshi's there is lot of fun because of Hannibal and Will~
Oh! And me and my sis finally started watching Supernatural season 9! I'm really excited so far~~ <3

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And then something about cosplay too~
I might have said something about making Thranduil's crown (couple months ago maybe). Well it's almost done for my sis Thranduil photoshoot!

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I have made my cosplay quite a lot in this month! Hands are finished (well not painted but anyway) so is the helmet! I have never done helmet before, so that was quite interesting, but it come up just fine (I failed couple of times though... hopefully nobody will notice.. :''D). I have some photos while making these and I'm going to put them here when the Hilde cosplay is ready! I'm going to write more then too ^^

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I'm still lost with my hair...
Two first are my new short wigs! I actually have one new one more (really cute and long) but I don't have photo of it so maybe some other time. And then my old black wig, but that day I just wanted to be all black (head to toes). And then I finally colored my hair! I actually put there some purple hair color, but because I didn't bleach my hair they turned almost red. But now they are better with my hair extensions!

I think that was all this time, I probably write about the Sunday next time... aaand I try to write more often (but I don't promise anything though).


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  1. I love seeing your artwork, I think your use of colors is really brilliant~ so bright and lovely!