lauantai 15. maaliskuuta 2014


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I noticed that I have been bought lot of books lately. There is some what my dear friend Terttu give me and two books what I "saved" before someone is throwing them away. Well... I think it started when I found myself at Akateeminen (bookstore) and bought that nice box of The Game of Thrones. I really like the TV show so I was thinking that I must read it too! Then there is lot of books what was like 2-4€ or something so I bought couple :'D. My friend Terttu as I write before, was thinking to sell lot of her books and asked before that if I want some so I took five books. I really have been wanted the last book of The Hunger Games and Mustesydän (Inkheart) so I was lucky when my friend give them, thank you so much~~ <3. 

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And now when I have been practical training at library they was thinking to throw away some old books and I was thinking to "save" them. So I get that cute Alice in Wonderland cookbook from there and Murder on the menu too.  Now I have lot of books what to read on hopefully I have time to do that (well.. I have, but I have been doing lot of other things too ^^').

Tomorrow or should I say today I'm going to listen Miyavi at Helsinki with Lon~~ I'm really excited even if I have seen Miyavi before but I really love his music so yes, I'm really excited and happy to go~

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