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The Walking Dead Game Season 2

The Walking Dead: Season Two, is the second set of episodes for Telltale Games' award-winning The Walking Dead and the successor of Season 1. It was confirmed by Telltale Games in July 2012, due to the big success of the game.

There will be some spoilers!

Several months after the events of "No Time Left", Clementine is travelling with Omid and a visibly pregnant Christa after it's assumed that they reunited outside of Savannah. Stopping at a public restroom next to Gil's Pitstop, the trio discuss the name of Christa's unborn child before deciding to clean up. After heading into the female restroom, Clementine puts her gun down and begins to clean herself up but accidentally drops her bottle of water and heads into a stall to retrieve it. After retrieving it, she hears someone coming in. Having left her gun by the sink, Clementine stays in the stall as the stranger, Michelle, retrieves the weapon. However, Clementine accidentally makes a noise, causing Michelle to coax her out at gunpoint and demand that Clementine hands over her possessions. Suddenly, Omid enters the room and realizes what is going on. He takes a stealthy approach and sneaks toward Michelle, but the door closes loudly, causing Michelle's reflexes to turn and shoot, killing Omid. Christa suddenly runs in while Michelle immediately drops the gun and apologizes. Christa ultimately kills her with a shot to the abdomen before cradling Omid's body. The scene then cuts to sixteen months later, where Clementine and Christa (who is no longer pregnant) are seen sitting around a campfire in an attempt at cooking a weasel they caught and killed earlier on, evidently in a solemn mood with plans to head towards Wellington where Christa believes it may be safer.

I liked the first season really much so after playing that, I wanted play this soon as possible. And not so long time ago I bought this from Steam's Summer sale~ (again something from there). I played this game actually maybe month ago... I don't remember exactly. But now I finally write about this!

I liked this game too, but I must say that I liked first season more. Mostly because I played as Lee in the first game and now as Clementine. There was more difficult choices too, now there was only couple hard choices and somehow I liked the story more in the first one too. And in this there was only one character that I liked and he died, even though I played that part again and choose differently.... And the end was again little open, so there can come easily season 3, but I don't know if they are going to do that,

Overall this game was really good! And it was some how easier to play with computer than PS vita. Or the season 2 was lot easier, I don't know :'D
Anyway, this is all for now, I hopefully write later more, even though I don't have proper internet connect right now ^^''

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