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Animecon 2015 Sunday

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I really don't know why I wanted to write Saturday and Sunday separately... I don't have that much photos or memory to write what happen those days!

Well I only took couple photos of that day's cosplay and only with my phone... Well, only I and Lon cosplayed that day so we kind a forgot to take some photos. And of course we had to drive back to Tampere from there so maybe that's one reason too why we didn't remember to take more photos or even one with actual camera...

Anyway! I cosplayed Irisu from Hyouka that day!

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As I said, I don't remember very well what we did that day, because that whole weekend is one big day in my memory so I can't separate what happen in Saturday and what in Sunday... so I don't write about that so accurately in order. And that's why, I think "why I wanted to write those days separately!" I'm kind a stupid aren't I? :'D

Anyway! I really liked this years Animecon! I actually like it every year (it never disappoint me and I really hope that it never will~). There was lot of things to do so we didn't have time even eat until after the day ended. And I really liked everything we went to watch/listen except one... it was so bad and I don't remember which day it was. I probably tweeted/retweeted about it that day, but there was that one program what seemed pretty good and interesting, but it wasn't... I was so disappointed and I know that I wasn't the only one. Happily there wasn't many people who went listen to it... (so nobody else didn't feel that disappointment). It took like 10 minutes or even less and then he was like "any questions?"... well I don't want to even remember it so let's continue!

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As I said this con was gooood~
And maybe the best part was once again the Anime concert~ It is just so beautiful! I don't remember which day it was though.. But anyway! It was great as always! Even though they didn't played SNK opening even though they had said that they will.. It was kind of sad because I waited it so much!

As always, I didn't took much photos of other cosplayers... sorryyyy, I really want to!
But... but... D:

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Oh, and that's all what I bought from there this time!
I was quite a broke, so I didn't bought more manga even though I wanted...

Anyway! I think that's all!
I'm going to write next about some animes what I have watched!
So see ya later~~

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