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Animecon 2015 Saturday

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I know... I'm so late with this! Animecon was couple months ago and I write about it this late... ahahaha, sorry. I know that I promised to write this soon but well I was too lazy to put photos in my laptop and some other things happened too, but okay, the main reason is that I'm lazy (but that doesn't surprise anyone).

I probably told that I was doing Hilde cosplay (from Soul Calibur), but that didn't happen... Well it's still unfinished and others from my cosplay team haven't even started (almost). So we decided to do something else and fast! We decided to do Puella Magi Madoka Magica group cosplay (yukata ver.). And for the other day I and Lon decided to cosplay from Hyouka (but I write about that later when I write about Animecon Sunday).

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I have cosplayed Homura before (she was actually my first cosplay) and I decided to cosplay her again (mostly because I had the wig already). We wanted to do yukata version but because they don't wear yukatas in the anime we looked some figures. But because I'm too lazy, I don't put any photos of that figure, sorryyy.

Even though we thought that this is going to be fast and cheap cosplay... it wasn't! I painted those flowers so long.. I don't even want to remember how many hours I painted them.. (but I didn't sleep that night almost at all.. maybe 2h or something). And it wasn't so cheap either.. But cosplay never is.. ahahahahaha. But we made them in time! only the Hyouka cosplays wasn't ready so we did them in the hotel room at Kuopio ^^''

Anyway! Here some photos from Saturday!

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My Homura cosplay (photos taken with my phone.. so very good quality.. ahahaha).
I really liked this and it was actually pretty good (even though the ribbon on my head could be better). And actually this was the first time when I had comfortable cosplay! Because almost every year I die because of the heat or the shoes... ^^''

But here some more photos~

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They are so cute~
First is Haja, my lovely sister as Sayaka and then the red one is Lon as Kyoko and last one is J-pon as Mami. I also have one group photo but obviously we didn't took it (there was this photo shoot service thing).

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I also decided that we had to find Madoka so we did find two of them, but with this one we took this beautiful photo, enjoy~

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I also took some photos of another coslpayers, but not so much (too bad, there was quite a lot of good ones!). So maybe I put them next here~

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I really should have written this right after Animecon, because I don't remember much anymore. Of course something! But I don't know what I should write about. There was some good programs (if that's the right word for it) but I don't remember which day we watched what... hmmm too hard, so maybe I don't write about those.. even though I kind a wanted ^^''

But there is some photos what we take after that day at the beach so I put them in the end:

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And that's all for now! I really try to write about the Animecon Sunday soon as possible! But I still don't make any promises!

Have a nice day~

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