sunnuntai 6. lokakuuta 2013

Zombie Games

The Last of Us

Twenty years after a pandemic radically transformed known civilization, infected humans run amuck and survivors kill one another for sustenance and weapons - literally whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, a salty survivor, is hired to smuggle a fourteen-year-old girl, Ellie, out of a rough military quarantine, but what begins as a simple job quickly turns into a brutal journey across the country.

I played this with my friend. This game looks awesome and it's very realistic looking. It was very scary mostly because of ugly zombies which come everywhere and some times there was a lot of them in same time. And there was some annoying humans too, gh! I hate the on man who was nuts! This game really scared me really badly couple of times... oh well... I'm happy that I played this with my friend! Even it was scary it was pretty good game. Still I don't like the end much, but it was good like that too though ^^'

Lollipop Chainsaw

Overflowing with sex, blood, and rock 'n’ roll, Lollipop Chainsaw is an un-deadly story of a sweet, killer zombie hunter and her mission to uncover the root of a widespread zombie outbreak. With her wickedly effective chainsaw in tow, Juliet slices and dices her way through waves of the undedead, but quickly realizes the horde is only the opening act to a festival of zombie rock lords determined to kill the chainsaw toting cheerleader.

I played this through a little while ago and well... I never thought that this would be awesome or anything and it wasn't. But still it was nice to play this. I liked this game's musics and it looks pretty good. Still this game is not that kind of game what you can take seriously. I think that maybe I play this again some time and try get all trophies you can get! (because there is lot of throphys which you can get easily) :b

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