sunnuntai 6. lokakuuta 2013

Rozen Maiden (2013)

Jun Sakurada, a middle school shut-in refuses to go to school after being traumatized by an embarrassing incident at school. One day, he receives a letter asking "yes or no", and chose "yes", meeting the living doll Shinku and the events of the original Rozen Maiden series unfolding. However, what would have happened if he had chosen "no"? Although he overcame his shut-in nature, this Jun can't find a place where he belongs. Then, Shinku suddenly appears in this world where "Rozen Maidens" aren't supposed to exist; what will their new encounter bring?

I liked this! Even Rozen Maiden 2013 is unfinished... but hope second season will come soon! And I think that to understand Rozen maiden 2013 better, you need to read manga or watch the first season of old version because in this they don't explain everything. And I must say that Rozen Maiden 2013 is not remake it's completely new Rozen Maiden ^^

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