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Kamikaze Girls (2004)

Momoko is a rococo Lolita whose idyllic dreams of Versailles clash sharply with her isolated existence in the Ibaraki hinterlands. When a chance encounter brings Momoko together with head-butting biker chick Ichiko, the quest for a mysterious embroiderer sets the unlikely friends, played by J-Pop stars Kyoko Fukada and Anna Tsuchiya, off on an explosive, pachinko-studded adventure.

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I watched this Kamikaze Girls movie last night and I actually liked this. I usually don't like comedy movies much but this was pretty good. I don't know why I haven't watch this earlier, but now it's done! I really liked both main characters (Momoko and Ichiko who is actually Ichigo)). Momoko is only interested lolita style and cute stuff. And she only eat sweets things. I noticed that she eat some candy with spoon on her breakfast, first I was like oh, she eats cereals... wait no, that's candy! And then there is Ichiko who is pretty typical yankee character but she starts like Momoko (as friend of course). She is kind of fun when she can't play one money game and write right and etc.

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That's actually all what I have to say about this movie.

I still haven't write about the gazette and couple of other things.... but maybe.. maybe I manage to write soon! But now I have much time (vacation) so maybe I write about all on next week ^^

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  1. Haha, I loved this movie when I watched it a couple of years ago! I love the unlikely friendship development XD;