tiistai 3. syyskuuta 2013

Photos from summer

As I promised here comes photos from this summer! 
There going to be lot of them so enjoy ^^

 photo IMG_0843pieni_zps5a15d3d5.jpg
Ehem, as you can see my hair are still blonde not pink! I really want light pink hair someday! But in the pic my hair looks kind a gray but not anymore (it's little yellow now B:<).

 photo IMG_1476pieni_zpsbdbdf914.jpg
We went take some photos in abandoned buildings so here some photos from there. There was very cool and it would be nice to go there again take some more photos :>

 photo IMG_1479pieni_zps1c684604.jpg

 photo IMG_1374pieni_zps756266e3.jpg

 photo IMG_1443pieni_zps75cb1272.jpg

 photo IMG_1512pieni_zps898bea9c.jpg

 photo IMG_1556pieni_zps2ee5a0f6.jpg

 photo IMG_1526pieni_zps1d59d4dc.jpg

 photo IMG_1524pieni_zps09fa51e5.jpg

 photo IMG_1567pieni_zpsc801e6b0.jpg

 photo IMG_1362pieni_zps8ae3bd04.jpg

 photo IMG_1328_zps5d72147f.jpg

It was fun~ and then I put some photos from our trip to Haukkajärvi. (and that's name of the lake). There was pretty and almost no one was there and the sand was smooth~

 photo IMG_1595pieni_zps39a2f95d.jpg

 photo IMG_1629pieni_zps0a16257b.jpg

 photo IMG_1612pieni_zps1d0dd20a.jpg

 photo IMG_1641pieni_zps17610a3a.jpg

And I think that's all! My apology for my bad english (I think there might be some mistakes). 
Maybe next time I put some photos my new home/room if I'm not too lazy to take some photos of it.... and I promise that I write here more often, I have been really lazy and busy but maybe now I have more time to write here ^^.

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