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I haven't written here lately, I'm so sorry about that (only those two anime things in this month). So I'm just going to put some ugly photos from my lovely phone (best quality... geh) and write some shit about them so you guys can see what I have done lately (almost nothing really).

 photo image_zps379f7988.jpg

Surprise! I have played some Guild Wars 2 lately! pretty much actually. I get more space in my computer so now GW2 fit there perfectly~ (my new hard drive have so much space and it's means lot of games!). And Lon finally bought GW2 too so that's one of the reasons why I have played pretty much :'D

 photo image_zps27e5a881.jpg

Jey, some harem pants! I really like those even though I look kind of stupid and it's snake skin print... Well this is just some random photos of my outfit, I don't even remember where I was going that day... Ugh my memory is so bad ^^'

 photo image_zps3b40a19a.jpg

I and my sis watched this one really bad Finnish movie, I think the name was Kalevala: Uusi alku or something and the whole movie was full of really bad acting (I'm really sorry if someone liked this and I probably criticize this pretty much in twitter.. I don't remember that either anymore). And in the end I don't even understand what happen... Oh and that pic, the main character looked like that all the time (when he was happy, angry, scared etc.).

 photo image_zps6a3dd8cc.jpg

 photo image_zps2a19dd69.jpg

 photo image_zps4cf5d619.jpg

 photo image_zps32e37175.jpg

 photo image_zpsba34e9fb.jpg

 photo image_zps8d6e8fa5.jpg

Well.. some shopping from this month! First of all! Now I finally have it! PSVita~~ I have wanted it some time already and now I finally bought it~ And then I have some new clothes too, I really like those black and white harem pants but they are little too short, well it's OK though. And I must say! I bought that instant miso soup and it was great, it's probably best instant miso what I have eaten~

 photo image_zpsa43f2764.jpg

 photo image_zpsd8d72775.jpg

 photo image_zpsb9fb837f.jpg

 photo PoliceRinpieni_zps55610c00.jpg

Some ugly drawings from this month too. I actually have drawn lot more, but these are only ones which I have put in twitter (and taken photos of them). That police Rin... I spend too much time with that ugly drawing that I'm little angry B:<. I'm not even happy how it come up! (the sketch was so much better...). 

 photo image_zpsa671d262.jpg

 photo image_zps398d254c.jpg

 photo image_zps722acd37.jpg

 photo image_zps6ef316f4.jpg

I have started doing Soul Calibur IV Hilde cosplay! It's hopefully going to be done in summer and probably is because I have almost done both hands completely! I probably write about it more later and more closely. Oh and I'm probably going to do The Walking Dead cosplay with my sis (so that's why the last photo!).

 photo image_zps21ccb12e.jpg

 photo image_zps14b6ac07.jpg

I have been thinking quite a lot what I'm going to do with my hair... I don't want to cut them and I'm too lazy to dye them so I have been using some hair clips (I don't know what it is in English.. I'm little tired, but anyway some kind of hairpieces). In first one I have some purple clips and second one only bangs. They are easy to use but I'm still little bored with my own hair... must do something with them!

Oh, and in the end I'm just going to put some random photos. I have been watching some Hannibal, singing some singstar, eaten J-pon's bithday cake (still I must do card for her) and bought pretty Tokyo Ghoul skin for my PSP~

 photo image_zps81427e1d.jpg

 photo image_zps512e8232.jpg

 photo image_zpsd27c10e5.jpg

 photo image_zpsa5652739.jpg


Aaaaand that's all for now!
See you guys next time~

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  1. Is that abba singstar!? XD haha, me and my friend have a rivalry going on the mamma mia song. i got a mega high score of 9500+ once then she beat mine by 10 points..

    1. Yes it is~ 8D Singstars are so much fun to play, and that abba is just awesome. Me and my friend had a quite singing fight on that mamma mia song too (and pretty much almost all other songs too actually) :''D.