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Animecon XI Part 2

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And now is time for Part 2!
On Sunday only I and Lon cosplayed from Ao no Exorcist (Haja and J-pon was boring and dressed in ordinary clothes). This time we woke up earlier than last time and managed to see AMV-contest even it was quite early program (Haja and J-pon went to see different program that time). After that we take some photos of me and Lon. 

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After that photo shoot there was still some time until FFFight, so I take some photos of other cosplayers and we just wandered around the con.

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I didn't took so many photos in this con even I wanted (swords narrow down a little of my photographing ^^'). Anyway! There was lot of good cosplayers and I only managed to took photos of few of them.. But we went to see the FFFight like I said earlier, so here some photos of that too:

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I have actually always liked FFFight and this time the story was nice but I think that FFFight isn't so good as it used to be. Anyway, after that we didn't have much time until showcontest. I did take some videos of it, but I'm too lazy to upload them in youtube so no videos this time (sorry). So I'm only going to put couple photos of it.

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After that contest we where again quite hungry so we decided to leave and find something to eat. We remembered really good chinese plase where we have eaten previous times when we have been in Kuopio. When we finally find it it wasn't ChiFoo anymore but some Noodel place. We still went there and noticed that it was perfectly same from the inside. After eating that good buffet we left from Kuopio back to the Tampere.

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I didn't write this time much but hopefully this was still nice to read/watch~ And I'm going to put some photos what I bought there and that's it, so see you guys~

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Some BONUS photos again:

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  1. ghhhhhh mun reidet, yritän kuitenkin olla liikaa ajattelematta koska nopeaksi cossiksi shiemi oli aikas hyvä siitä huolimatta että panta unohtu kotiin