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This summer

I noticed that I have only one week until my summer vacation is over! I'm not ready to go new school and looking for some kind of job! Well it's have to be done someday...
 So I'm going to write some stuff of this summer and put some photos what I haven't put here even they are really old and stuff (probably if someone watch me in twitter there is nothing new... maybe).

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First of all I graduated and I'm Merkonomi now (it's Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration... much easier in Finnish :'D). And now I'm going to study modeling (I'm not going to be model... that word is just little confusing in English) and I'm not sure if I like it but let's hope so!

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I have drawn quite lot of fan art lately and this one is from Monster. I have finished some of them and put in here and DeviantART. Of course I have watch much anime lately and probabbly going to write something really soon about those which I'm already or soon finished.

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Just some random photos from this summer. I'm not always at my home watchng anime and playing games (well most of the time though :b). I have seen some friends and of course I have been with my lovely sis too~

 photo image_zpsdcd08c86.jpg

 photo image_zps46587bc2.jpg

I have played Disgaea D2 and it's been really good game so far and I think that soon I have finished it. I really liked first Disgaea and in this one there is characters from that one and some characters from 2,3 and 4 but those characters doesn't come whit the story. You have to get those side stories from the senators.

 photo image_zpsa3536275.jpg

I dyed my hair in some kind of red colour at the hairdresser. I really wantet lighter color or more pink, but this one is good too. Now the color is almost gone, but maybe I do something later and try to make it more pink.

 photo image_zpsd4f6cd8b.jpg

More fan art, this time it's from Bioshock Infinite. We started playing it with my sis and this game is so pretty! We haven't played it much yet mostly because you play it as first-person. But it quite interesting so far~ It's Haja's game but I bought it too (used on wasn't so expencive and I really need this game).

 photo image_zps55db8466.jpg

 photo image_zpsf840c70e.jpg

And some more random photos. I really like that Captain America top, even though it's white and I don't usually wear any white clothes. And then there is that awesome pie thing (my sis made it and we decorated it~) with whipped cream and strawberrys :'D

 photo image_zps4d1d9287.jpg

 photo image_zps9c53c0dd.jpg

I have finally chance to play Zelda! Because Haja bought Nintendo DS3 XL and there is some games and I can borrow it now and then so I can play Zelda~ It's so cute one and I have wanted play some  Zelda quite a long time~~ I actually want Nintendo DS3 too but I have PSP so maybe I can live without it (for now). And more food photos! Of course I have them too in my iPhone (actually all those photos are from my iPhone).

 photo image_zps1ce5e1ce.jpg

 photo image_zps5d8c9ca3.jpg

 photo image_zps935337e4.jpg

My birthday was 7.7 and I actually didn't remember that right away or that how old I am now :'D That first photo is what was my birthday cake that day and actually we noticed that it was some kind of chocolate mousse or something, but it was really good. And I, Terttu and Pia went to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and it was really good! Later... actually after Animecon I, J-pon, Lon and Haja went eat some sushi and Lon give me that cute bag and J-pon that mini fan~

 photo image_zpsae0dcf8f.jpg

 photo image_zps6d8cb213.jpg

 photo image_zps0e54a804.jpg

That last photo is from Animecon~ I'm going to write later about Animecon and probabbly I'm going to write those days separately. It was really fun and I made two cosplays as you guys know. And those other photos are again some random ones. And that red jelly thing on that one photo was really bad, do not never buy it.

 photo image_zpse09899ef.jpg

 photo image_zps63f38889.jpg

 photo image_zps75e30f5c.jpg

More food! And that Nico event! I really like Nico, she is my favourite character from Love Live and that event was same time as Animecon. Of course we did cosplays like a crazy peoples and I didn't have much time for this addictive game. So as you can see I almost get Nico but... well.. I didn't get her... and it was so close!

 photo image_zpsf174e66a.jpg

 photo image_zps60f8611e.jpg
 photo image_zps158d9cc6.jpg

Again some fan art! This time from Haikyuu and Love Live~ I have drawn lot of fan art like I said earlier, but if I put them here this post is going to be too long (well it is already, I'm sorry :'D).

 photo image_zpsa7943ff6.jpg

 photo image_zps3a0ceafc.jpg

 photo image_zps89e3f59e.jpg

Here some food what I have made! Those yoghourt blueberry thigs was actually pretty good and easy to make~ I put some blueberry and youghourt in ice cube tray and in the freezer! Then I made some jelly too and that one was pretty bad one, mostly because I didn't have almost nothing where to make that and then I forgot to put some sugar... Well... and then I have been watching some Dexter! I have only couple episodes left from third season!

 photo image_zps262b22b9.jpg

 photo image_zps8825bfa2.jpg
 photo image_zps25d671f0.jpg

As you can see we have finally reached the end of this very very long post! I'm really happy if some of you guys managed to read or even watch the photos! I had quite fun summer even though it feels like too short for me. This summer was really hot one too! today was +32C or something, Next time I probably write about Animecon and put some cosplay photos or I write about anime and write Animecon later, I'm not sure yet~

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