maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2014

Mitsuru's Sword

 photo sword_zpsec96f324.jpg

I already did Mitsuru's evoker so next one is sword and then I have done all the props what I need in this cosplay. This kind of sword is called Rapier and I had actually no idea how log it is so I just searched some info and I found out that only this sword's blade is 100cm long. And I have to put it on my belt... well I have heels so maybe it's doesn't touch the ground.

My grandpa helped me ones again a lot whit this one. I made that semicircle thing from styrofoam first at home and then the rest whit my grandpa at the summer cottage. And then I painted this at home. I used lot of wood (in differetn forms like board, block, stick and plywood) and little styrofoam like I said and some softis (of course) and maybe the funniest thing what I used in this was funnel. 

So now I'm going to put the photos on the end. They all are taken whit my phone so quality is like that, sorry abaut that ^^'

 photo image_zpsc62db18d.jpg

 photo image_zpsfac376ae.jpg

 photo image_zps435acbcc.jpg

 photo image_zps0235a403.jpg

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