sunnuntai 15. kesäkuuta 2014

Elizabeth's Persona Compendium book

 photo elizapeth_zps504f30ac.png

As you guys know we are doing Persona 4 Arena group cosplay and Haja is going to be Elisabeth. I wanted to do that Persona Compendium book what Elizabeth is carrying in that picture.

We had cosplay meeting couple days ago and we did Mitsuru's clothes and Elizabeth's dress that day. Same day we went Lukulaari to get old book for that Persona Compendium and Haja found good one. I did that book at home and it was quite fun and pretty easy actually. It come up quite well, but that text on the cover... oh well! I put some photos (I take them whit my phone.. so quality is pretty bad ^^')

I use in this some glue, old book, softis (my new love), paint and marker.

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 photo image_zpsbbaa5fdc.jpg

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