keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2014

Gunslinger Girl

In the heart of Italy, the Social Welfare Agency rescues young girls from hospital beds and gives them a second chance at life using the latest in cybernetic advancements. With their artificially enhanced bodies, the girls are brainwashed and trained as assassins to carry out the dirty work of the Italian Government. Despite all the modifications, they are still just children at heart, struggling for recognition from those they love, even knowing the love they feel is manufactured. This tragic tale unfolds as these girls grapple with their emotions in an agency that treats them as nothing but ruthless killers.

I have wanted to watch this quite a long time and now I finally did it. And this was pretty good actually! It's quite interesting when there is strong little girls and they use guns. One thing that I didn't like so much though is that Henrietta loves Jose, but luckily there wasn't any romance between them. 

I did draw some fan art again and I finished only one of them (probably some of you have seen in twitter already). I'm not sure if I like this or not... but I colored it way I used to color my drawings. It's much easier and I was lazy this time. But here it is anyway:

 photo HenriettaampTriela_edited-1_zpsa67d54dd.jpg

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