maanantai 9. kesäkuuta 2014

Mitsuru's Evoker

 photo vertex_mitsuru-09-noscale_zps7cfb89b6.jpg

I finally started to do Mitsuru cosplay. Well, I have already bought some fabric for the costume (actually Haja has started to do the full suit) and I have bought some wood for the sword and some other things for the sword too. But today I did the Evoker! It's the other prop for this cosplay. I actually first thought that I'm going to do it from wood like I did Shura's sword and going to do most of the Mitsuru's. But then I kind a wanted go the easier way and I bought cheap toy gun and made it look like a Evoker ^^'

I only used some softis (I don't know what is it in English), cheap toy gun witch looks almost same as Evoker and some glue and paint. This didn't take much time and it come up quite well :)

 photo image_zpsa7299505.jpg

 photo image_zps613b7ca6.jpg

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