sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014

Trip to Jättirätti

Yesterday (at Saturday) we visited Jättirätti at Turku. From Tampere you drive like 2h until you arrive at Turku. Jättirätti it quite a big fabric shop so Haja, Lon, J-pon and I went there to get some cloth for our Persona group cosplay~ It was fun and we find everything we needed to find from there. We didn't go actually anywhere else there (than Jättirätti and get some food from Hesburger). 

I'm only going to put some photos (taken with my phone) and I really wanted to put one cool photo here but I let it be (because Lon might not like it :'D). So here some "quality" photos from our trip to Turku!

 photo image_zps727ea3ca.jpg

 photo image_zps3273c32a.jpg

 photo image_zpsd175b123.jpg

 photo image_zps05441bd5.jpg

It's J-pon's snake~ so cute lil thing~ :3

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  1. I just wonder which one it would have been :'D

    1. Ai kuva jonka olsin laittanu? se panoraama, jossä näkyy Haja sun lisäks ja ollaan autossa, on komeet ilmeet :'D