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London Part 4

Hello there~
It's part 4! And the last part too, even there is couple days left. But I didn't take much photos  those days and Terttu get her self sick at Saturday. But let's get started! So next is Saturday and we choose that it's shopping day~ That's why I didn't take photos almost at all that day. It was quite a nice and sunny day until almost nowhere started rain really hard and we just run somewhere where we can eat and we looked terrible, like some wet dogs.

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That restaurant was really good and not even expensive.
Before that when we where shopping I and Terttu tried to find a dress for our graduation but there was non for us. There was couple quite nice ones but the price wasn't nice at all (so I'm still without dress, but maybe tomorrow I found one... maybe). But there was really good store and I was just piling up on my hands lot of DVD and TV series until I woke up and understand that I can't get all because of I have to put all in one suitcase (and I haven't bought all gift so I can't spend too much money). But I take those five DVDs and found one nice rose shirt too (on the background).

On the evening that day we noticed that Terttu was sick, she had a little fever too. It was probably because of that heavy rain and the Fridays very windy weather. That's why we spend rest of the evening in the hotel and next day's morning too. At Sunday we almost decided that we aren't going anywhere without Terttu so I and Tyyneyy decided to stay whit her. Still that day Terttu said that we should go to see Big Ben, London Eye and London Aquarium and she can take it. So we wen't and we take it really calm.   

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Jep, we check the Big Ben and it was a little smaller than what I had imagined. And after that we went London Aquarium and right after entrance was that cool window on the floor where we saw some sharks. So after that we had quite a big hopes for this. Even so, this wasn't so cool what we have hoped. But it was quite interesting anyway (Sharks are cool and it's hard to take good photos of them). Then we went London Eye and it was about 30 minutes. And there we think that there is quite a close one sushi place and it's the on where they are moving. It was good place and it was fun, but you almost spend too much if you don't watch closely what you take and how much :'D.

And then was the Monday and last day at London (because we leave so early in the next day). We had seen almost all what we wanted and Terttu was still a little sick so we decided just go and find some gifts and spend coins (because you can't turn small coins in to euros :/). And again I bought some DVDs and other thing too (of course the gifts too and they are in the photo too ^^').

 photo IMG_3636_zpsc0dabf55.jpg

And that's was it! Hope you guys liked this and previous parts too~
I had lot of fun to make those and of course the trip to London whit my friends was awesome! We probably going to think next year new trip (maybe at Paris)~ But we see what happen then. It was really great to go there whit awesome Terttu and Tyyney~~ That's all!

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