torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014

Some movies from this year

I have watched lot of movies this year already, most of them from DVD, but in this time I only tell about them what I have seen in cinemas. I noticed that I have only put in twitter what movie I'm going to see and here I haven't said anything at all. Only what I have mentioned this year is The Hobbit 2.

I'm not quite sure that did I mentioned this before but probably not so I watched this Lego movie at February and first I thought that I'm not going to watch this movie at the cinemas but well I did it anyway. And I'm quite happy that I did because this was actually pretty good movie!

Before we went see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we of course watched the first movie and then this. Well I know that the first movie wasn't one of my favorites so I didn't expect much from this. But then this movie was way better than the first one. This was actually great and the winter soldier was so cool (and I'm not going to tell more about him because of spoilers). But if someone didn't watch this because didn't like the first movie much just watch this anyway.  

Of course we watched the first movie again right before this second one. The first movie is good so I hoped this would be as good or even better. Well this was good and there is Harry Osborn! If I think about this and the first one, I'm not sure witch one is better, maybe this? Not sure, but the end of this movie was so sad that it would make the first movie better than this.... Anyway this is good even if the end is sad. 

At the Tuesday there was Super Päivä (Super day) when you can watch the movies at the cinemas with a low price~ So we went see the Godzilla and of course day before that we watched the old version of it. When I was little, I liked the Godzilla movie but when we watched it from VHS it was just fine but not as good as I remembered. Well this new Godzilla was good and way better than the old one. But still not one of my favorites ^^'.

And same day as we watched the Godzilla we went see X-Men: Days of Future Past as well! It was really good movie and it was quite fun to see those characters younger selfs. And then there was part where they needed Quicksilver's help and actor was Evan Peters! He was great character and Evan suited perfectly as Quicksilver~ It was sad that he wasn't there very long but great character anyway! I really want see this movie again soon~ (when I can get the DVD?~).

Yesterday we went see Maleficent. I had waited that moment quite a long and it was great movie! Really beautiful and good~ Angelina Jolie was perfect Maleficent and I really want see this movie again too~ Yesterday was premiere so it will take quite a lot time till it come to DVD, but I can wait~

Well that was it and this week I will graduate from my school~ (And I graduate as a merkonomi (that what we call it in Finnland) and it's Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration. But I'm not sure if I'm going to tell about it later.. but if not then I'm writing about movies little more next time too~ :b

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