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London Part 1

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Hello guys! If I remember right I said earlier that I'm going to LONDON! And now I'm already back. I was there with my friends Terttu and Tyyneyy~ And we where there 5 days! It was really fun and I take lot of photos there so I'm going to do couple post about this trip and this is first one (not sure how many I'm going to do). 

I'm going to put here photos and I'm not going to write almost at all. So here some photos from the first day and we went see Tower Bridge and Tower of the London (didn't get any photos of The Crown Jewels because photographing wasn't allowed there).

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I woke up at 3:09 that morning when we decided to go London. Actually I wasn't tired even if I sleep only couple hours that night. But now I'm really going to put photos and I'm trying to put them some kind of time order.

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There where rainy in Finland and we didn't get away of it (London where a little rainy too when we landed there). Actually we did know that there where going to be rainy but actually there was little of sun some days but this day there was little rainy now and then and quite windy most of the time.

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It was quite early when we reached the hotel so we wanted to go this same day to see Tower bridge as I said earlier. It was really close so we went there by walking. There we thought that maybe we would go see the Tower of the London so we did that as well~

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There was lot of cool armors, guns, swords and other things. There is already quite a lot photos in this post so maybe this is all what I'm going to tell about this day. After Tower of London we just bought some food, drinks and snacks from Tesco and walked back to hotel, watched some TV and we went quite early to sleep because none of us wasn't sleep very much last night. So this is all and I'm probably going to write tomorrow more about this trip!

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