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I haven't written here lately, but now I have couple of things that I like to write here. Today I put some photos and write about this Christmas. I will try write other things later (what I have done this year but have been too lazy to write or put some photos of it) here before next year! There is only 6 days left, but maybe I can do it :'D

Now first I made some Christmas cards and I put couple photos here.

 photo IMG_2490_zps58af5a9f.jpg

 photo IMG_2492_zpsd4806c7e.jpg

 photo image_zpsfef98631.jpg

 photo 4e79fbcb-33ab-4b21-9f0a-af521f98e1ac_zpsede6324f.jpg

They are not finished yet in those photos, but almost. The first one is for my sis, she wanted me to draw her Loki. It come up actually pretty good, even I'm not very good at coloring.
And the second one is for my friend and she wanted me to make a big painting. I actually started it and.. well I didn't like it and it's not even done yet so I made her Thor card and hope that she like it ^^'.
Third one is for my other friend Lon, she wanted me to draw Riina, which is her own chara and mine chara Kazuki as well in the same card. I don't like this much and I really wanted draw it again but I didn't have enough time left to make another one.... Hope she like this anyway and I will make her next time better card!
Last one is not a Christmas card, it's a bookmark, but it's part of one of my friend christmas present so that's why I put it here with the cards ^^''.

 photo image_zps1ffce68e.jpg

I finally started playing Final Fantasy XIV! And that's my first character what I made~ He is super tall and so handsome! :3 I also made lot of other charas (very late at night :'D). This is very beautiful online game and I really want play more than 30 days (which are free days) so maybe when I have lot of time I buy more playing time in this game :>.

And now I think it's time to put some photos of my presents!

 photo IMG_2501_zps2917cd24.jpg

 photo IMG_2499_zps3faecda4.jpg

 photo IMG_2498_zps770db5b8.jpg

 photo IMG_2496_zpsb3a0de5b.jpg

 photo IMG_2502_zps61ddaebc.jpg

And I get one nice book, money and candy (but they aren't in the photos though).


We went watch Frozen in the movie theater so here is one song of this movie and the movie was really good go and watch it~:

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