torstai 7. toukokuuta 2015

So much pink

I'm not dead! I just forgot to write here... well and if I must be honest, I have been really lazy lately. Well I have been just playing Guild Wars 2 and studied for moped license. Yes, not a car even though I am old enough to drive one. I just want to drive a scooter and when I was younger I didn't drive license for that. So rather late than never!

Anyway! I have been bought lot of cute stuff lately (okay I think some of these might be quite old already... I don't remember when I bought some of these... oh well).

 photo IMG_4927_zpsmljt6wea.jpg
Some cute tea cups from secondhand shop

 photo IMG_4933_zpsnmaqkyik.jpg
More cute dishes from Stockmann

 photo IMG_4932_zpsslyql2oc.jpg
Some forks and knifes from secondhand shop again~

I just have a weak spot on cute tea cups and other things.
I don't even really know have many different cute cups I have already. But I know that there isn't too much.... maybe. But anyway, next some other cute stuff.

 photo IMG_4921_zpsk1s2qtjn.jpg
White retro looking bag from Löytöliiteri 
(probably for house decoration, but like I care, it's a bag).
Cute brown shoes from Ebay~

 photo IMG_4924_zpsxy5phjps.jpg
This winged backpack is also from Ebay

And last I have photos of some clothes what I have bought, but because the full pictures was quite ugly and because I want close up photos too, there would be quite a lot photos. So I put only close up photos even though you can see only the fabric....sorry about that.

 photo IMG_4939_zpskeetqtmr.jpg
Long shirt (not sure what I call it) but I probably put it in Hellocon so maybe you see some better photos of this. 
And it's from Ebay again.

 photo IMG_4941_zpsgxdcjzka.jpg
Lace blouse which I'm going to use in Hellocon as well.
It's from Ebay again.  

 photo IMG_4944_zpsx30r0w6v.jpg
Summer dress with flower top and white bottom.
From Ebay again (almost everything is from there.. ehheh)

 photo IMG_4947_zpsqiuzjsoi.jpg
Really fluffy jacket from Ebay! (it's super soft =W=)

 photo IMG_4952_zpsyzsunagc.jpg
And summer shirt with big and wide sleeves from secondhand shop!


And that's all for now!
Next I probably write about Hellocon which is in this Saturday in Helsinki!
Oh, and here my newest drawing (which is probably going to my comic).
Have a nice day!

 photo Tarusto 1 cover22_zpssrgtq5wx.jpg

2 kommenttia:

  1. I'm a fan of cute vintage-style cups and other dishes ~ I love all your purchases!
    Also you are so talented at art hehe, I love the detail in the lilies~

    1. Thank you, that's nice to hear~
      I love vintage-style cups too and it's sometimes hard to leave secondhand shop without some cute dishes :''D