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Killer Is Dead

Rain falls in a dim alley as two figures confront one another. Tokio, a deranged criminal whose right arm has been replaced with an automatic weapon, identifies the other man as an "executioner." This man stalks Tokio down the alley, effortlessly reflecting a flurry of gunshots using a katana. When he exits the alley, Tokio ambushes and seemingly kills his pursuer. Tokio's relief is cut short when the man silently rises and hacks away his firearm limb. Bleeding out at the bottom of the alley, Tokio realizes that his opponent is aligned with "the darkness," and with that the man slices off Tokio's head. A purple aura rises from the body and coats the Moon above. 

Two years later, Mondo Zappa's morning begins with a letter of acceptance into the office of Bryan Roses, whose government-sanctioned organization employs hitmen to execute villains across the globe. Zappa's roommate, Mika Takekawa, is disappointed that her request has been denied, but cheers up when Zappa offers Takekawa a position as his assistant. Zappa and Takekawa meet with Roses and his colleague Vivienne Squall, who is initially hard on the pair. After a brief explanation of how the office functions, the group welcomes its latest client, an artist named Robert who claims an arthropod is responsible for a series of recent disappearances in his area. Robert signs a contract for the execution of this monster, and Vivienne dispatches Zappa and Takekawa on their first hunt.

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I finished this game a little while ago and this was really fast to play trough, it took me only 16 hours. But if you want to have all the trophies then this might took lot more time than that. Of course I always want to get 100% but it's not so easy even in this game (because you must play this game hard and very hard to get two trophies). Almost all the others are quite easy if you just play diligently ^^'.

I actually liked this game even though there is those gigolo missions... But this is quite dark hack and slash game as you may guess, Main character Mondo is cool and have katana (swords are always awesome~) and his hand can transform into a shooting weapon. I'm not big fan of the shooting games but in this it was fine because I mostly use the sword anyway.

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Even though this is quite dark game and there is lot of blood, this looks really different and I actually like the style of this. And the characters of this game... well Mondo is of course cool main character and then there is lot of girls in this game (because Mondo is womanizer). Those girls are mostly only eye candy and not so important (well when you date them you get useful things so it must be done).

And then there is David (the man in the golden strings)... He would be good villain and he is but those ugly clothes... no strings are really disturbing (happily in last episode he have same suit as Mondo have, but in white). First I didn't like David almost at all (mostly because of those clothes) but when story goes further I actually like him and I was super happy when he changed in the white suit (even though it was only in the end and quite a little time..).

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As I said I actually liked the game it was so cool, but then there is those gigolo missions... ugh. They are missions where you date a girl (there are four of them and of course you date all of them but one by one). Scarlett is a little different than three of them, she is nurse and you can find her in every episode and open new challenges. But anyway! She give you those pink glasses... and with them you can sees girls underwear and what kind of gifts she wants. And on those dates you stare girls boobs or ass and you get guts and can give her a present and then you get laid and those girls give you some presents.

First you must date them because they give you some useful weapons but then it's kind a waste of money... But because I wanted couple trophies I dated them quite a lot... well sometimes it feels like dating take more time than the actual story of the game :''D.

But anyway! This was kind a good game if you like hack and slash (fighting looks so cool in this) you should try this. I really want most of the trophies (but I can't get them all because must play very hard mode...why?).


And that was it!
Next I really write that last part of that recently watched animes! :''D

See ya!

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