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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, known in Japan as Disgaea Dimension 2 (ディスガイア D2), is a 2013 video game in the Disgaea series developed by Nippon Ichi Software. The game is a sequel to 2003's Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the PlayStation 2, where the respective main characters of that game will again be the focus. It was released on March 20, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 in Japan.

I actually finished playing this about month ago but I wanted to do those Recently watched animes things first (even though last part is missing... I probably write it soon...maybe). Anyway! I really like Disgaea games and this was nice that they did new Disgaea where characters are from the first one~ I'm not going to say that you must play Disgaea Hour of Darkness before this but it would be good because this happens after that. 

 photo uLTaQf1_zps82669bdf.jpg

Even though there is those main characters from first Disgaea (Etna, Laharl and Flonne) there is some new characters too~ In the very beginning in this game there come that little girl Sicily (blue and white in the pic) and say that she is Laharl's little sister. And then there come Xenolith (pink haired man) I'm not going to tell who he is because it's probably would be a spoiler... But I was quite surprised when I heard his voice, because I noticed that Xenolith's voice actor is Hirakawa Daisuke (I haven't seen him this kind of role before, but he was good~ and suited Xenolith very well~).

 photo 2238252-687861_20130913_002_zpsd3a4fa93.jpg

Laharl has been crowned Overlord of his Netherworld and has taken his father's place on the throne. However, the demons of his Netherworld do not respect him or his authority. A particular group of the late king's former vassals, called the Krichevskoy Group, are trying to usurp him and put someone that they find to be a more suitable leader on the throne. Compounding the issue is the sudden appearance of rapidly multiplying Yuie flowers that are changing the atmosphere of the Netherworld. The Krichevskoy Group blames Laharl for the sudden appearance of the flowers, believing it to be an act of aggression from the angels in retaliation for the events that occurred in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

I have always liked Disgaea games mostly because of the story and characters~ Again I like this and this is great game with the best main character Laharl (still my favorite main character even I liked the Disgaea 4's Valvatorez too~).

 photo DD2_DLC_Characters_zpsa3848f86.png

After completing the game, many things are unlocked, such as new options in the Cheat Shop and several bills in the Dark Assembly. These bills include options to fight and recruit Emizel, Petta, Axel, and Artina, And then there is some DLC characters like: Fuka and Desco from Disgaea 4, Adell and Rozalin from Disgaea 2, Mao from Disgaea 3, Zetta from Makai Kingdom and Marona from Phantom Brave.

I haven't played the post game much, but it would be really cool to see Valvatorez because he should be there too~~ But if I wan't to see all those characters in the post game I need to gain more levels! But maybe some day I will do that~


That was all and I'm going to write next about one other game or I write last part of that recently watched animes thing!

See ya~

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