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Tampere kuplii and other things

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It's been while since I write something else than anime. There is couple anime what I have watched and wait that I write about them, but maybe next time. I noticed that I haven't write about Tampere kuplii! There isn't much to write about but maybe I manage write something anyway :b

I wasn't really planning to go there this year but then me and my sis thought that maybe we should check up it. So we didn't where there very long. Even we where there only a little time I saw couple familiar faces there (from twitter or blogger) but because I'm me I couldn't say even hi to them ^^''.

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Haha, of course I found something from Tampere kuplii even I didn't where there long :'D After that we went at my sis place where we watched couple episodes of Pushing Daisies with Lon, K, H and J-pon~ It was fun and Pushing Daisies are cute TV series.

I have done lot of other things too, but haven't write here almost nothing at all! I have watched some movies and last ones was Captain America: Return and Only lovers left alive. Captain America was really good movie! Instead Only lovers left alive wasn't... But there was Tom Hiddleston so I don't regret at all that I watched this :'D. And then I have drawn quite a lot but haven't finished almost nothing... Of course I have played some games and watched anime (and that doesn't surprise anybody at all). I have bought lot of clothes as well! I took some photos but they wasn't good so I'm going to put only few here. I have been working at library but I was working for free (because of school) but that have ended already. But I'm trying to write here more often (but not sure if it's going to happen though... I'll try at least).

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This is really old but I found it from my camera so I thought that maybe I put it finally here ^^'. But this is from this year at least! You guys have probably seen those rose leggings before. I don't even remember when I bought those... i't was before Hellocon I think ^^'.

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I, Haja and J-pon went at UFF where everything was 3€ (clothes, shoes and bags) so we thought that maybe we find leather for my Mitsuru cosplay. I haven't told that I'm going to cosplay Mitsuru from Persona 4 Arena? Well, I was going to tell it later when we have already started doing our group cosplay. We found those leather things for my cosplay and lot of other clothes actually. That first photo is one of the shirts what I bought from there. I found some nice skirts too and couple shirts too, but photos was so ugly and they didn't look very good in them. Those nice pink shoes I bought couple days ago.. well... almost week ago, haha! But they are so bright! They probably don't last very long... but I try take good care of them~

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I finally have that Dogs 8~ I have wanted it quite long! And I found that Another when I visited at Helsinki with Lon. It's so big and pretty~ I haven't bought much manga lately because Fantasia pelit are raised their prices... Well it's only couple euros but when you bought more than one you can already feel the difference! Well, because I can't live without manga I must bough it sometimes (but only less than before). Anyway! They have started translate Mirai Nikki! That's cool and the first didn't look bad at all so maybe I bought them in Finnish.

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...There is couple DVDs what I have bought too.. oh god I have spend lot of money lately T^T. Well I can luckily say that they are bought from sale. But still goodbye my money!

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And then I have bought couple games too. One of them was free and two of them was really cheap.. but still again goodbye my money! And now because all of those what I have bought I'm poor and without summer job D: Well maybe I still survive :b

This was all this time I think, thanks if someone managed read all of this (and understand my quite bad English :''D) 
See ya~

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  1. Haha, pikkasen uutta sälää :D.
    Ja aaaaaa, tarvin ton artbookin D:.