lauantai 26. huhtikuuta 2014

Cosplay plans

 photo P4U_Mitsuru_Portrait_zpsfaa576ac.png

Haja, J-pon, Lon and I have talked before that Persona group cospley would be really cool (or some other game group cosplay). This year we decide to do it! Lon started finally play Persona 4 so it was quite obvious then that it's Persona 4 which we going to do, but then I'm not sure was it me who suggested Persona 4 Arena group cosplay. Anyway! We decided to do it this year and I'm going to be Mitsuru! It's not the best decision what I have made because it's for this summer. And it's going to be really hot! Because of this big fur and black half leather full suit (not sure if it's right word for that). Still I really like this character so hopefully it's going to be cool and fun~

 photo shura_zpsf8eb1338.png

It was only couple nights ago when I started think second cosplay for this year and Ao no Exorcist come up. I really like Shura and started think that it's quite good for second cosplay. I asked Lon if she wanted to do cosplay from this anime too and she wanted~ So now I'm going to do Shura cosplay too! I'm not so confident with my body so this is kind a surprising for me too :'D Mitsuru have tight-fitting suit and Shura have only bikini top... Well I like both character so I think I can do this!

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