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Movies II

I have watched again lot of movies and haven't done almost nothing. So that's why I haven't written here lately, sorry about that. Anyway! I have drawn something (but I think that I write about it some other time) and trying to go work (but there is couple problems to solve first). 

Last week (I think this happen last week :'D) I watched full version of the hobbit and it was so good! I need it to myself~ And I watched all the hobbit extras with my sis too~ 

It was little sad that this song wasn't in the movie (Bofur is awesome dwarf :'D).

And there was lot of more another funny and cool things in extras~

I was at my sis place about two nights if I remember right and we watched those extras and four movies (and couple episodes of anime). And I was seen two of those movies so I'm not going to talk about them. Before that I watched The imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus with my friend.

I was hoping that this would be really good movie but unfortunately it wasn't good. There was lot of things that I didn't understand some reason so maybe I watch this again and hope that it goes better ^^'.

And then those movies what I watched with my sis. First I wanted to see Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas because there is Johnny Depp~~

This was crazy movie and what the hell have they have done to Johnny's hair!? There wasn't almost any sense (because they where actually all the time in high (because of drugs)) and that's why I didn't like this, but I have seen lot worse ^^''

Then we wanted see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 only because there is Lee Pace~ And because my sis wasn't seen couple of twilight movie so we watched them before that and finally (really late at night) we watched final twilight movie and Lee Pace was really good in it (even thought I don't like twilight).

It looks horrible that I put here twilight movie trailer...I'm so sorry, but look closely there is Lee Pace and he looks so cute! I mean handsome!

And then some animated movies! (of course I watched those too, and some anime).

I watched Wake up, Girls! - Seven Idols, there is going to start some episodes of this (or is it started already? I'm not sure). But if you like The Idolm@ster, you probably like this too

The Sky Crawlers is pretty good movie even though it's little too slow for me (even tough there is shooting planes). This one looks really grate and I don't know why I haven't seen this earlier? Well even this was good, still this isn't one of my favorites ^^'

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within sound quite interesting and looks actually really cool but I personally didn't like it almost at all :/. There wasn't even good characters to save this movie.

I found this Appleseed movie only in 1€ (if I remember right, it was really cheap though). This wasn't bad or really good either, this was watchable. And I don't have anything special to say about this ^^'.

I though Hal would be cute movie but it was sad! And I don't like sad movies (usually) but this was somehow good anyway. Not so sure why? Maybe because those characters was kind a cute, I just don't like that one of them are dead, it's so sad! D':

I really wanted see this after watching the first one. I like Ghost in the shell and this didn't disappointed me. This looks grate and there was all those characters which I like in the series. And I think that's all I have to say about this (I'm going to get little sleepy but I want finish this today).

I was really happy when I heared that there is going to come new episodes for Mushi-shi, but it was 40 minutes (I don't mind at all it was nice) and it says that this was first (so there is going to come more). But I'm not sure when and how many. But oh well, if there is going to come many episodes then I'm not going to write something after every episodes. And I didn't find good video for this, sorry about that. I really wanted put pretty one but oh well :/.

This was all for this time! (and I'm quite sure this text looks horrible, I'm just too sleepy to check if there is some typos....And I'm sure there is actually lot of them... sorry) But anyway! I'm probably going to write about games next time (maybe)! 

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