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Ga-Rei: Zero

"Will you kill someone you love because of love?"

The Japanese Ministry of Defense has an anti-paranormal special forces group called the Supernatural Disaster Prevention Office. They are the ones responsible to protect Japanese soil and its people from supernatural and paranormal events. However, things didn't go so well in one of their missions...

Once again anime which I watched last year, but didn't managed to write about. Anyway! I actually liked this anime even though I haven't read the manga (Ga-Rei Zero is set as the prequel to Ga-Rei the manga. And knowing the setting of the manga would help quite a lot to understand the anime better). This anime come up in 2008 and the manga ended in 2010. So you can pretty much guess, that there is quite a lot of thing that leaves watcher with some questions, if you haven't read the manga before watching the anime. 

The story of this anime is really interesting one and the first two episodes occur chronologically towards the end of the series, but set up a conflict during which the rest of the series tries to explain how events lead up to such a conflict. It's really interesting because you actually can't see almost at all how it's going to end like that what happens in first episodes. It's quite weird that this anime is so underrated and I haven't heard much about this and maybe that's why I haven't seen this sooner. 

Ga-Rei really focuses on developing the two main characters, Kagura and Yomi. And and a result of that, the other characters weren't developed as much as I would have liked (as always I start liking some supporting character and they don't tell much about him or her...). Overall the characters are fine, but of course there is some characters that I like more than others, but in this anime there isn't any clear favorite character and maybe that's one reason that this isn't so popular anime. (?)

Overall this anime is really interesting one and deserves more attention. I am actually pretty interested to read the manga because it would tell more what this anime doesn't tell. But I'm not really big fan of the art style of the manga so the reading must wait some time when I have actually time to read it. Oh, and there is anime named Tokyo ESP (I really wan't to watch it), it come up in 2014 and there is some characters from Ga-Rei Zero~. 

Aaaaaand I think this is all for now!
I must go to do some school things... >__>

See ya~~

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